Dongshen (Colin) Li

'The people are so nice and helpful here and the facilities are well-equipped...'

  • Colin Li

Studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Marketing

'No one can deny that Canterbury is a gorgeous place with breath-taking scenic views,' says Colin, who came to UC from China to study towards his degree.

He is studying a double major in Finance and Marketing and he hopes to combine the two disciplines in his career.

'My career dream is to work in a famous international company ideally. I want to become a creative marketing manager specialising in advertising and PR management. My degree means I would be able to maximise the effect of marketing by using financial knowledge well.'

Colin wanted to study commerce because of its practical applications in everyday modern life.

'Commerce is really fun. You can use your knowledge for anything, from earning money by starting a small business, to being a great party planner or even holding an event for a uni club.'

'Finance is hard as a subject, but it can actually help you become your own financial manager with your own assets. If you're really good at it, you will never have to go to the bank to ask for investment advice — you can totally handle your life's fortunes. With Marketing, you can carry out lots of crazy, creative ideas of your own but base them on the market principle.'

Colin opted to study at UC International College (UCIC) which offers pathways for international students to prepare for degree study.

'UCIC was like a lovely family that spared no effort to provide a professional service and offer warm care. UCIC offers exactly the same course as UC but in a relatively small and comfortable environment. This makes it easier for brand new students to get used to university life and the local study surroundings. Compared to the big classes at UC, you definitely get more chance to say when you don't understand about the teaching material, and ask the lecturer for help.'

Achieving a balance between hard work and relaxation is something Colin agrees is easy at UC.

'The people are so nice and helpful here and the facilities are well-equipped. Do take advantage of your tutorials by asking questions, and treat your tests and assignments seriously. Also, the University has Echo360 so make use of it to watch lectures.'

He recommends overseas students should try to meet new friends and that living in university accommodation is a good way to start.

'After moving in, you will get to know more people and have more fun. Just be brave and don't be shy about talking to the new people that you meet.'

'The UCSA and the School [of Business and Economics] clubs are really awesome and have a wonderful and energetic management. They organise some really excellent activities. I joined AIESEC, UCom and UCanDance — there are many ways to fit in.

'I also like running, and have done the colour run in Christchurch. Traveling around New Zealand is amazing — you can do some walking, explore the glaciers, do extreme sports and take amazing pictures. I also like to go to some of the festivals held in Christchurch, like the beer festival. You can just chill out and have fun here.'

Sarah Reeves

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