Lucy-Jane Walsh

'This course helped me comprehend the possibilities digital technologies have for research...'

  • Lucy jane walsh

Bachelor of Arts in English

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English

Digital Content Analyst, UC CEISMIC

Lucy-Jane’s choice of subjects for her degree was a selection of several different topics, but English Literature was always the core of her passion. She took a range of courses studying various elements of New Zealand and American Literature, and was surprised and inspired by what she learned.

‘What I enjoyed most were the really interesting and innovative topics the English department had to offer. Who knew that New Zealand literature could be so cool? It was in these courses that I was really able to understand my own identity as a New Zealander, as well as getting to read some really great books.’

In fact it was looking ahead to the postgraduate courses available that led Lucy-Jane to choose to study at UC. With a range of possibilities within Arts, she was determined to focus her study so she could turn her passion into a career. ‘I liked that at the end of my degree I would have the chance to study something very specific, and to transform my degree into a profession,’ she says.

In her third year, Lucy-Jane also took UC’s first Digital Humanities course: Electronic Scholarly Editing, covering the integration of modern technology with humanities studies to create better technological applications for research. ‘This course helped me comprehend the possibilities digital technologies have for research, and enabled me to think like a digital humanist,’ she says.

It seems her hard work has paid off. Now, Lucy-Jane works as a Digital Content Analyst with UC CEISMIC, scoping a range of documents, videos and images relating to the Canterbury earthquakes and ingesting them into a digital archive for the public to use as a collective source of memory.

‘I feel that UC CEISMIC is an important cultural heritage project that people can relate to. It is a job that is primarily people-focused, and at the end of the day, I always feel satisfied that I have created something that may be of real value and use to somebody in the future.’

Lucy has also been involved in the newly created Digital Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities Lab (DASH Lab) at UC, the first of its kind in New Zealand.

‘The aim of the lab is to facilitate digital research in the College of Arts, as well as supporting the Digital Humanities programme and DASH Arts minor, and connecting the College with industry experts and innovators in digital technologies.’

It’s no surprise that Lucy-Jane has a goal based on her love for literature, despite thoroughly enjoying where she is today.

‘While studying at Canterbury, I took a lot of creative writing, and during my Honours year I wrote the first 10,000 words of a novel for my dissertation. Since then, I haven’t stopped writing, and am currently entering every competition I can find. One of my short stories was short listed for the AUT Short Fiction competition for over 21s. I am going to be tutoring a first-year creative writing course at UC this year.

‘Ultimately I see myself working with literature, as this is a real passion of mine, and what drove me to study English. It is a dream of mine to see my name in print.’

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