Roland Eveleens

'It’s your opportunity to just go for it and meet new people, get involved, try new things and get stuck into your passion.'

  • Roland Eveleens

Studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

With a passion for sailing and tramping in the outdoors, it was an easy decision for Roland to study Biological Sciences at university.

‘New Zealand’s natural world fascinates me. Biology really interested me at school and I wanted to turn that interest into a career,’ he says.

He has thoroughly enjoyed his degree so far, especially with its real-world applications.

‘I enjoy how relevant it all seems – it’s easy to relate the course content to what I see around me, both around uni and when I go tramping. The practical lab work’s great too.’

With a UC Undergraduate Scholarship for his NCEA results, Roland is pleased with his initial decision to go to UC.

‘It has a good reputation for science and there are lots of opportunities to do interesting and different things,’ he says. ‘I plan to continue on into postgrad study and get a job that allows me to undertake my own research while continuing to learn about the natural world.’

Roland had decided that he wanted to live on campus in UC’s Bishop Julius Hall.

‘I wanted to live closer to uni and make the most of uni life, but I wasn’t quite ready to make the big jump to flatting. Bishop Julius appealed to me because it’s a slightly smaller hall and the balance between study and the social side of things seemed a bit better fit for me than the other halls.’

Roland recommends asking around to get an idea of which hall best suits you.

‘Try and talk to someone who’s living or has lived in the halls to get an idea of the different cultures of each hall, but make it work for you, rather than just going with what they say.’

He strongly advises other students to make the most of the opportunities that university life has to offer.

‘Get out there. It’s your opportunity to just go for it and meet new people, get involved, try new things and get stuck into your passion.’

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Catherine Cumpstone

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