Ben Davies

'I want to help people make decisions that shape the world for the better...'

  • Ben Davies

Studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Mathematics

Ben has ticked many boxes with his chosen degree. Studying towards a Science degree meant the chance to combine his two favourite subjects Mathematics and Economics.

‘Seemingly controversially, I find Economics and Mathematics to be genuinely interesting subjects,’ Ben jokes. ‘A strong qualification in the two also acts as a signal of quality to employers, which I guess is the ultimate goal of becoming tertiary-qualified. These two factors combined made it a natural choice to study the subjects together.’

Ben has certainly enjoyed his subject combination so far.

‘Economics and Mathematics challenge you to think in ways you haven’t before, and to look at the world through a different lens. Importantly, they complement each other and together provide an analysis tool pack that readies you to solve a wide range of problems in lots of fields.’

As such, Ben has high expectations of what his degree combination can allow for a future career path.

‘I want to help people make decisions that shape the world for the better, no matter the scale of the changes they make. I think there’s an unfortunate disconnect between ambition and pragmatism, and I see the role of economic thinkers as mending this relationship.’

Ben decided to take on a STAR course by distance through high school to help decide his future steps. With his particular passion for Economics, he decided to try ECON 199 Introduction to Microeconomics.

‘My school offered the course as an option for people who wanted something a little extra. I hadn’t thought about which university I was going to at the time, so I just gave it a go.

‘ECON 119 served as a supplement to my studies in Economics at NCEA Level 3. It provided a springboard into higher-level study in microeconomics at UC, which has introduced me to new and interesting economic ideas. Additionally, being introduced to the format of university assessment early on gave me a competitive advantage that has been greatly beneficial in advancing in my studies across all subjects.’

The experience was a great benefit for Ben, who enrolled at UC with both a UC Emerging Leaders’ Scholarship and a PwC Scholarship, which will provide mentoring throughout studying and an eventual summer internship.

When Ben came down from Wellington to start his undergraduate degree, he chose to stay at Rochester and Rutherford Hall campus accommodation.

‘It gave me the opportunity to surround myself with a diverse range of students who care about the impact they have on the world around them. Living close to campus is an asset - particularly on wild-weathered days. Most of my time is spent at the hall doing coursework, talking to other residents or otherwise just enjoying being a student.’

Student life has also meant getting involved with UC’s student clubs.

‘This year I got heavily involved in the Economics and Finance Society (EFSoC), which aims to maximise the academic, social and career-related wellbeing of students studying in these areas. I greatly look forward to leading and developing the club as its President in 2015.’

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