Certificate in Science


If you want to study science at university level without having to commit to full-time degree study initially, you might consider the Certificate in Science (CertSc). It is also an option if you want to take a few courses for interest or study part-time.

Entry requirements

Admission to UC with University Entrance, or equivalent, is required to enrol for a Certificate in Science. For information on gaining admission to UC please see how to apply for undergraduate qualifications.

Some certificates have additional entry and course requirements; please check the Regulations for the Certificate in Science for full details.

You are also required to meet UC’s English language requirements.

Qualification structure and duration

The Certificate in Science is made up of five courses (a minimum of 75 points) at 100 and/or 200-level.

It can be completed full-time, or over one or two years of part-time study.

You can transfer the credit you gain during the Certificate in Science to the Bachelor of Science (and some other degrees), as long as you have not graduated with the certificate.

Possible qualification structure for Certificate in Science

Year 1Year 2
    Science subject (eg, Geography)
Each small block represents a 15-point course. This diagram is an example only - other combinations are possible (eg, students may choose to study three courses at 200-level).

Subjects and courses

Subjects you can choose from are:

How to apply

Find out how to apply for undergraduate qualifications.

Further study

The Certificate in Science can be used as a stepping stone to a Bachelor of Science.

Career opportunities

UC Science graduates find work in a range of different fields and sectors. Depending on your chosen path, you can become anything from a seismologist to a soil technician, a meteorologist to a marine biologist, a psychologist to a policy advisor, a software engineer to a science writer, a forensic analyst to a food technician.

Canterbury’s leading-edge IT sector is facing a shortage of qualified graduates, meaning UC Computer Science graduates are in high demand.

Find out more about what you can do with a degree from UC.

More information

For the full certificate requirements see the Regulations for the Certificate in Science.

For more information email info@canterbury.ac.nz or freephone 0800 VARSITY (827 748).

For assistance with planning your programme of study contact the Liaison Office (new students) or visit the Liaison Office’s course planning page (new students), or a College of Science Student Advisor (advancing students).