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Te Reo Maori


He taoka te reo
he kura pounamu
iti kahuraki
mapihi maurea.

The language is a treasure
like a greenstone pendant
That which I strive to possess
And carry with me always.

As New Zealand seeks to become even more of a globally respected nation with solid social and political foundations, the need to revitalise and embrace te reo Māori as a living, everyday language is becoming even more important for people of all walks of life.

This discipline enables people to explore their identity as New Zealanders and to pass on their passion for this language of Aotearoa to others. Te Reo Māori is a highly recommended language option for those who might work with Māori people, indigenous industries or in education, public or communications roles that require bicultural and multicultural competency.

Students majoring in other subject areas such as History, Sociology, Political Science and International Relations, Human Services, English, Education, Cultural Studies, Law and Social Work often take Māori language courses to support their main field of study.

Why study Te Reo Māori at UC?

Our staff in Aotahi: School of Māori and Indigenous Studies operate as a whānau. We pride ourselves on being accessible in and out of classes to provide support and guidance for students.

UC staff have expertise in aspects of language acquisition, language revitalisation, bilingual/immersion education, second language teaching pedagogy, change in the Māori language over time, and Māori English. Aotahi has offered regular wānanga reo (language immersion field trips) to local marae for its language students for the last 20 years.

No previous study of te reo Māori is required for entry into TREO110 Conversational Māori for Absolute Beginners. See 'Finding the right entry language course for you' below.


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100-level courses

Finding the right entry language course for you

No previous study of te reo Māori is required for entry into TREO110 Conversational Maori for Absolute Beginners.

Students with a previous knowledge of te reo Māori can enrol in TREO111 Te Reo: Te Kākano – Introductory Language 1 in the first semester, and progress to TREO112 Te Reo: Te Kākano – Introductory Language 2 in the second semester.

Those who have studied the language before will have the opportunity to enter the advancing language course directly. Thus majoring in Te Reo Māori will take either three or four years depending on how much Māori language you already know. Interested students should consult the School at the beginning of the year about the entry level appropriate for them.

Language learning needs continuous application and steady work every week. You will find that learning the Māori language has benefits beyond the excitement of learning to express yourself in Māori. All our language courses place emphasis on both oral and written skills.

Incorporating Māori and Indigenous Studies courses

Students wishing to major in this subject are also encouraged to take courses in Māori and Indigenous Studies (up to 45 points from this subject can be included in the Te Reo Māori major). Students completing a double major in Te Reo Māori and Māori and Indigenous Studies must complete a total of 270 unique points in different courses.

200-level and beyond

At 200-level, TREO260 Te Reo: Te Pihinga – Intermediate Language continues the immersion language environment. It aims to increase the range and fluency of conversational ability to help acquire the skills for formal speech at an appropriate level, and lay the ground work for future growth.

Successful completion of the second-year programme leads you to continue intensive study of Te Reo Māori in your final undergraduate year.

Further study

Māori is a very rewarding field for postgraduate study because there are so many opportunities to investigate areas which have not been previously researched.

Career opportunities

Careers are opening up as a result of the increasing role of Māori culture and society as a defining element of national culture. New Zealand will see this continue in the future, as a result of changing demographics, government policy, and social attitudes.

Whether you need it for a career in health, education, policy, government, law, tourism or social services, the confidence and skills from a language degree can help you step up to the next level in your career.

Employment options for graduates are rapidly increasing in iwi and other Māori organisations. Graduates find work in research, teaching, archival, heritage and arts/cultural organisations, government organisations and the wider community.

Find out more about what you can do with a degree in Te Reo Māori.

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