Power Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (minor only)


Power generation and transmission is highly important in the modern world, and studying the Power Engineering minor will allow you to investigate power distribution and usage through electrical devices. Systems such as generators, transformers and motors are widely used within different industries, and therefore need graduates with the expertise to create, maintain and improve these.

With this minor you will learn about the different forms of power, about specialised systems such as renewable energy, testing and analysis, and how power is created in the first place.

Students who are looking for a background in Power Engineering may study this minor alongside the Electrical and Electronic Engineering specialisation, setting them apart from other energy engineers in the industry.


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Note: Students must also meet the requirements for the Electrical and Electronic Engineering specialisation.

Career opportunities

Power Engineers are highly sought after globally for their expertise in both power and energy engineering. Graduates will find employment in areas such as power generation companies, consultancies, transmission companies, contractors, energy retailers, equipment suppliers, and distribution companies.

You may also find the knowledge gained through this minor useful in transport industries that deal with the design of electrical railways, aircraft and electric motors.

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