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How do you make sure that people, money, materials and buildings are used efficiently across the whole organisation? How can you as a manager/planner ensure that your organisation is successful in achieving its goals? These are big questions and it is obvious that a broad number of skills are involved in such an important business role.

Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM) is applicable to most organisations and is concerned with the design, planning and management of all facilities, processes and activities required to transform resources into goods and services.

Operational managers control more than 70% of organisational resources (people, money, materials and buildings) used in the production of goods or in providing services. Successful operations managers also need knowledge of marketing, human resource management and finance.

Why study Operations and Supply Chain Management at UC?

UC’s OSCM courses focus on issues such as operations strategy, performance management, supply chain management, procurement, product design, process design, planning, inventory management, project management, quality management and continuous improvement.

Operations and Supply Chain Management is beneficial for students who study disciplines such as Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance and Engineering. The flexibility of the Bachelor of Commerce makes double majors, as well as minors and double degrees possible. By adding OSCM to your studies, you can broaden your education and enhance the prospect of progress in your chosen career.

For the study of OSCM, proficiency in statistics and modelling up to Year 13 is desirable.

Students also do well if they have an interest in solving problems and good communication skills.

To specialise in this field some concurrent study in Economics, Accounting and Information Systems is highly desirable.


100-level courses

UC offers a major and a minor in Operations and Supply Chain Management as part of the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). You can also study this subject as a minor within the Bachelor of Arts.

To major in OSCM within the Bachelor of Commerce, the following 100-level courses are required:

200-level and beyond

There are a number of OSCM courses at 200 and 300-level which deal with various topics eg, operations strategy, project management, supply chain design, product design and quality management.

For the complete three-year Bachelor of Commerce Operations and Supply Chain Management major degree plan, and minor courses, see the School of Business and Economics website.

Career opportunities

Every organisation, whether a company or a not-for-profit organisation, has some operations function to it, so the skills learnt in OSCM are widely applicable.

Operations and Supply Chain Management provides graduates with the skills and understanding to enable them to function as, for example, Supply Chain Managers, Production Planners, Operations Managers, Quality Managers, Project Managers, Procurement Managers, Business Analysts and Management Consultants. Many graduates are expected to rise to senior management levels.

Students in other disciplines often find it valuable to include some OSCM courses in their degree programme, as exposure to the principles of Operations and Supply Chain Management has become an assumed part of the training of quantitative social scientists as well as accountants, computer specialists and engineers.

For examples of jobs in this area, visit the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply.

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