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* Not open to new enrolments in Management Science in 2017. See Operations and Supply Chain Management.


Management Science seeks to improve a problem situation by supplying decision makers with information and insights gained through problem analysis, often involving mathematical models and computers.

A fundamental part of Management Science is the ‘systems approach’ to problem solving which takes into account both the context and the details of the problem. Defining a problem, collecting data, consulting with people involved in the solution and implementing change are all part of a systems approach to problem solving.

Note: For the Bachelor of Arts, no new enrolments will be accepted into this major in 2015. If you are continuing with a major in Management Science you should contact the Programme Coordinator to discuss the availability of courses. Students may still enrol in a BA minor in Management Science.

Note: for those wishing to study Operations and Supply Chain Management, they can do so as part of a Bachelor of Commerce.

Management Science students do well to have an interest in solving problems and good communication skills. To specialise in this field some concurrent study in Economics, Accounting and Computer Science is desirable.


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100-level courses

To minor in Management Science for the Bachelor of Arts you must be credited with at least 75 points in Management Science, which must include at least 45 points at 200-level or above.

To major in Management Science for the Bachelor of Science you are required to complete:

MGMT 100 Fundamentals of ManagementECON 104 Introduction to Microeconomics and ECON105 Introduction to Macroeconomics are recommended. It is recommended that you include 15 or 30 points of 100-level Mathematics in your course of study for the Management Science major.

200-level and beyond

Management Science courses at 200 and 300-level deal with various topics eg, operations strategy, project management, supply chain design, product design and quality management. 

Career opportunities

Every organisation, whether a company or a not-for-profit organisation, has some operations function to it, so the skills learnt in Management Science courses are widely applicable. Graduates are usually employed by manufacturing companies, management consultancies, transport companies, telecommunications service providers, the energy sector and state-owned enterprises and many rise to senior management levels.

Students in other disciplines often find it valuable to include some Management Science courses in their degree programme, as exposure to Management Science has become an assumed part of the training of quantitative social scientists as well as computer specialists and engineers.

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