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Graduate Diploma in Accounting and Information Systems
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Commerce internship

Natalie Eustace, Master of Human Interface Technology completed an internship at Jade Software Corporation in 2013 as part of her studies. Natalie is seen here with Hadley Trounson, also a UC graduate (Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems), who is a Project Manager at Jade.


We live in an ‘Information Age’ where access to information, information systems and digital technology play a major role in organisations. With information systems we can change how we work, how we communicate, and how we do business.

Information Systems (IS) is about how businesses use information technology to become smarter, better, faster, and achieve their strategic goals. IS enables businesses to create value, provide solutions to business problems, and use technology to innovate and create new business opportunities. Information Systems addresses the design, development and delivery of solutions to business problems, and the management of IS projects, IS personnel and IS resources.

What is the distinction between Information Systems and other subjects?

A Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems takes more of a business perspective compared with Computer Science (Bachelor of Science) or Software or Computer Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering with Honours). For example, it examines how organisations may use and benefit from IT, and considers the role of new technologies in internet business and social media. Some IS courses focus on business issues such as IT management, business process management, business intelligence, and IT project management.

Students completing a BCom in Information Systems will take courses across a range of business disciplines, including Accounting, Economics and Management. These courses help IS graduates gain a broad understanding of the world of business. Thus they will be both 'business savvy' and 'tech savvy'. This mix of skills means that IS graduates are more likely to become business analysts rather than software developers or system designers. IS graduates have a choice of highly paid and exciting careers.

Why study Information Systems at UC?

  • UC ranks in the top 200 universities in the world for Computer Science and Information Systems (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017).
  • At UC you can get work experience while you study – internships with local companies and group projects allow students to work on real-life projects and gain practical experience.
  • IS students have their own computer lab to study and work together on assignments and projects.
  • Our programme offers great flexibility to combine the study of IS with other subjects. There are three pathways you could consider for potentially different future career opportunities:
    1. a BCom major or minor in Information Systems (or a BA minor in Information Systems)
    2. a BCom double major in Information Systems and another Commerce subject (eg, Accounting, Management or Strategy and Entrepreneurship
    3. a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science double degree combination – see double degrees.

No specific prior knowledge or experience is required for those wishing to study Information Systems. An interest in technology and how it is used on the job and in business is beneficial.

Good English language skills, both written and spoken, is also important.


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100-level courses

UC offers a major and a minor in Information Systems as part of the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). You can also study this subject as a minor within the Bachelor of Arts.

The first-year, 100-level courses required to complete a BCom majoring in Information Systems are:

Students majoring in Information Systems should also consider taking Computer Science courses (especially on programming and databases) and Software Engineering.

For the complete, three-year Bachelor of Commerce Information Systems major degree plan, or minor courses, see the School of Business and Economics website

200-level and beyond

Later courses provide a more detailed treatment of the topics introduced at 100-level. These include business systems analysis, data analytics and business intelligence, business process management, internet business and technology, systems development, accounting information systems, and web design and development. Options are also available that enable specialisation in areas of interest.

The student advisors in the School of Business and Economics can assist you in planning your degree.

Career opportunities

Information Systems is one of the fastest growing areas for study and employment. It is on the long-term skill shortage list for New Zealand and there is also a global shortage in this area, ensuring high demand and salaries for graduates. IS graduates with a good mix of business and technical skills and knowledge would be well-placed to take up these opportunities.

For IS graduates there are many exciting career options: business analyst/consultant, business process analyst/consultant, business intelligence analyst, systems analyst, IS implementation consultant, IT project manager, IS manager.

IS expertise is marketable worldwide and can open the door to even more exciting and challenging careers. Many of our graduates are now in key positions all around the world including the UK, USA, Hong Kong and Australia.

If you take Computer Science/Software Engineering with IS, your options also include: solutions architect, software engineer, applications developer, programmer/analyst, database administrator, and website designer/developer.

Find out more about what you can do with a degree in Information Systems.

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