Health Education


Bachelor of Health Sciences

Health Education

UC Health Sciences students organised and carried out the All Right? Amble through Christchurch's Botanic gardens, promoting the five pillars of well-being in the family event.


This major prepares graduates with the knowledge, skills and confidence to work with individuals and groups to enhance well-being. They will develop specific health education and pedagogical knowledge that is applicable in a diverse range of settings. Experiential learning in a variety of contexts (eg, mental health, sexuality and nutrition) will allow students to recognise factors that influence health and to develop a wide range of strategies to address them.

Students will engage in debate and critical reflection on a range of contemporary health issues. Through this engagement students will develop an understanding of ethical issues and principles, a respect for the autonomy and choice of both individuals and groups, and competency in collaborative and consultative ways of working.


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Career opportunities

Career options for students who major in Health Education might include employment in health-related institutions and agencies such as Community and Public Health (in Nutrition, Sexuality, Health Promoting Schools and Mental Health teams), Drug and Alcohol agencies, Family Planning, the Mental Health Foundation, Nutrition Advisories, Red Cross and teaching Health Education in secondary schools to a senior NCEA level (teaching qualification required).

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Laura Schnelle

Laura Schnelle

'I am in class with people from all over the world every day...'

Alice McSweeney

Alice McSweeney

'A main passion I identified is based around children and playing team sports...'