Energy Processing Technologies


Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (minor only)


Energy extraction with more sustainable practices has become an increasing concern for the power production industry, as the world requires more renewable energy sources, and alternatives to traditional sources that have less effect on the natural environment.

Energy processing technologies are required to harness raw materials from the environment and process these into usable and efficient energy. This minor will give students insight into the various kinds of energy, such as hydrogen, geothermal, solar, hydropower, wind, etc, and ways in which these can be improved and balanced with the energy spent acquiring raw materials.

With global needs for energy constantly rising, engineers with this background knowledge are in high-demand to meet current and future requirements without compromising future generations and supply.

Students studying this minor alongside the Chemical and Process Engineering specialisation will be able to demonstrate their sustainable energy focus to employers.


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Note: Students must also meet the requirements for the Chemical and Process Engineering specialisation.

Career opportunities

Graduates with this minor will find their skillset highly valued by employers in New Zealand and overseas, with a huge growth in the power processing industry. Students will find work in power stations, refineries, and production facilities such as chemistry and biochemistry companies.

More engineers are needed with the knowledge around environmental issues and resources, and how to resolve these issues with the constantly growing demand for energy.

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