Study Abroad and Exchange

Studying overseas is a fun and life-changing way to broaden your horizons academically, geographically and culturally.

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Get a global perspective

UC is committed to providing you with a truly global perspective and has formed partnerships and exchange agreements so you can get a head start on your international career. 

Whatever your future holds, the time you spend abroad will be an undeniable asset.

Benefits of studying overseas

See the world and experience a different culture. By studying in another country you can:

  • Develop a network of contacts and extend your career opportunities
  • Improve your communication skills and cultural awareness
  • Develop life experiences and self confidence
  • Continue to receive credit towards your degree

Incoming student exchange

If you're studying with one of UC's exchange partner institutions you may be eligible for the Incoming student Exchange programme. You will come to study at UC for one or two semesters and continue to pay fees at your home institution. 

Incoming study abroad

If you're studying at a tertiary institution that isn't one of UC's exchange partners you may be eligible for the Incoming Study Abroad programme. You will come to study at UC for one or two semesters and pay fees directly to UC. 

Outgoing student exchange

If you're a UC student and want to study overseas with one of UC's exchange partners you may be eligible for the Outgoing student Exchange programme. You will study overseas for one or two semesters but continue to pay your UC fees.

More information

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