USA Loans

The University of Canterbury is a Deferment Only institution from 7 July 2014.

Loans available at UC

New federal direct loans are no longer available. 

UC can certify Private Loans and US veterans benefits for those eligible.

If you have an existing loan you are able to defer loan repayments while enrolled at UC (full-time or at least half-time)

If you are enrolling at the University of Canterbury through a study abroad or exchange programme, your Financial Aid is processed through the Financial Aid Office at your home university.

Private Loans

You can also fund your study with a private loan. Apply online for the Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan which is certified by UC.

If you have chosen another lender who is offering a private loan for study outside the US then UC can work with them to certify the loan for you.

Once you are approved for the private loan please email with a confirmation of your loan eligibility.

Eligibility for US financial aid loans

Your loan eligibility is calculated according to your Cost of attendance for US financial aid students.

The first payment will be requested on the first day of your enrolment providing you are fully enrolled (ENR) by that date. The second payment cannot be earlier than half way through your enrolment. UC will contact you when each cheque arrives. UC cannot give funds to you until you are fully enrolled.

If your total loan payments for the year cover your fees in full (as stated in your Enrolment Offer) you will be able to make a payment plan to pay the fees in two installments: the minimum 50% tuition fees and 100% of levies from the first payment and the balance from the second payment.

If you withdraw from the university or otherwise make changes to your enrolment removing your eligibility for your loans, your payment plan will be cancelled and you will be liable for any balance of fees to the university.

Before making changes to your enrolment please contact the UC Financial Aid Office if you are unsure whether your eligibility will be affected.

US Veterans benefits

UC is able to accept funding from the US Department of Veterans Affairs funding under the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) program.

Find out more about US veterans benefits.

USA Loan Authorisation Form

For Sallie Mae Loans, Veterans or GI funding, please complete the USA Loan Authorisation Form. Once your funding has been approved from your chosen loan agency, send the USA Loan Authorisation Form to so that we can certify your loan.

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