Fees and funding

To ensure you can make the most of your time as a student, it’s important to be proactive about managing your money.

Scholarships at UC

Scholarships, grants and awards are a great way to fund your university study. Learn more about scholarships you may be eligible for with Scholarships at UC.

Tuition fees

By planning ahead, you can pay all your bills and still find money to have fun. These vary depending on what subject you study and the level you are studying at: 

Preparatory programme tuition fees

Find out about Preparatory programme tuition fees for programmes such as Headstart and University Transfer Programmes.

Undergraduate tuition fees

Find out about Undergraduate tuition fees for qualifications such as bachelor's degrees, undergraduate certificates and diplomas and graduate certificates and diplomas. 

Postgraduate tuition fees

Find out about Postgraduate tuition fees for qualifications including graduate and postgraduate certificates and diplomas, honors, master's and doctoral degrees. 

Fees estimator

The Fees estimator is the best way to calculate your programme costs with the ability to add and remove courses. 

Non-tuition fees

Non tuition fees include enrolment fees, special examination fees, study materials etc.

Student services levy

The student services levy is a compulsory student fee that funds on campus student services

Pay your fees

When it comes time to pay your fees, we have a number of ways to help, including a choice of easy payment options. 

Student loans and allowances

For domestic students, the most common option for funding your study is the New Zealand government's student loans and allowances. Here you can learn more about what they cover, and how to apply. 

Overseas financial aid

If you are an international student coming to UC, you may be eligible for tuition or other financial aid from your home country, so make sure to check all your overseas financial aid options. 

Cost of living

As well as your tuition fees, you will also need to budget for your cost of living such as accommodation, getting to and from campus, textbooks and of course, money to live on.

Tuition fee refunds

If you withdraw from a course or programme of study you may be eligible for a tuition fee refund.