Transfer credit from an overseas tertiary institution

You can apply to have your existing credits from an overseas tertiary institution counted towards your UC qualification.


To be eligible for consideration, your must have successfully completed your study at an overseas university or tertiary institution within the last five years.

Step 1. Apply to UC

Your application to UC needs to be processed before you can apply to transfer your credit. Once you have applied you will have a student ID number, pleas einclude this number with your credit application.

Step 2. Complete the form

Complete the Application for credit on the basis of overseas qualifications form.

Step 3. Gather your supporting documents

You also need to supply the following documents to provide evidence that you completed the courses and qualifications you want to transfer credit from.

The documents you need are:

Academic transcripts

Academic transcripts are the documents listing the courses you have taken and the grades or marks received.

UC requires your original institution-issued documents or a certified true copy.

Electronic copies can be used for assessment. However, the original documents are still needed before credit is granted.

If you haven’t completed the course you’re seeking UC credit for, you can still submit your application but credits cannot be granted until final transcripts have been received and validated by UC.

Graduation requirements

Graduation requirements should outline the structure of the qualification or degree you earned you studied. It should state the total number of credits, credit hours, hours, points or units required to qualify for graduation.

Content of courses

Provide evidence about the content of each course you studying within your prior qualification or degree.

The evidence of graduation requirement and course content can come from the:

  • Catalogue or handbook of the programme
  • Institution’s website
  • Institution directly

For non-English documents, you must provide both the original or certified copy and a certified official translation.

Step 4. Send in your application and supporting documents

Send your completed form and supporting documents to the

UC Admissions Team by post or courier:

Student Services Centre
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

Student Services Centre
University of Canterbury
20 Kirkwood Ave
Christchurch 8041
New Zealand

You can also send electronic, non-official copies of this documentation to the Admissions Team by email to

Step 5. Assessment and outcome

Credit transfers are not automatic. Applications are reviewed individually on a case-by-case basis by the college and the central admissions teams.

You will be notified of the application results by email. If your application is not successful, you have the option to appeal the decision.

Information on the appeals process will be provided with the outcome of your application.