Accommodation for postgraduate students

Whether you are here for just a few weeks or a few years, UC has ample options to suit your needs.

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Apartments and houses

Accommodation in an apartment or house on campus is a convenient option for you as a postgraduate student. The self-catered Ilam ApartmentsSonoda Christchurch Campus and Waimairi Village are home to students of all ages, at all levels of study and from all over the world. The availability of rooms will depend on the time of year you plan to arrive, particularly if outside standard semester dates (February-June, July-November).

Priority is given to applications for a 50-week contract although one semester contracts will be considered. To apply, please complete an online application form. Click on "Registration" to begin your application and select your term.  For accommodation outside standard semester dates, please contact Accommodation Services for advice.

University-managed housing

The University manages a number of houses within easy walking distance to campus suitable for postgraduate individual students, couples and some small families. These houses are fully-furnished with a preference for bookings of 16 weeks or longer.  The houses offer a community environment specifically for postgraduate students with Residential Assistants to provide support and organise social events. To apply, please complete an online application form. Click on "Registration" to begin your application and select "Off-Campus Housing - Postgraduate" as your term.  

To find out more please contact Jackie Slater, Affiliated Housing Advisor, at

Private rental accommodation and flatting

Private rental accommodation is popular with postgraduate students as it offers you an independent lifestyle and can be a great way to meet new people.  Market rent in Christchurch can be found on the Tenancy Services website and will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay.  Please note that these rates do not differentiate between furnished or unfurnished or the condition of the room or property.  You will need to factor in set up costs into your budget (for an empty house this can be up to 4 weeks' rent as bond and 1-2 weeks' rent in advance plus power and internet) as well as ongoing monthly expenses such as power, internet, transport, food, and contents insurance.

You should not sign a contract or agreement without viewing a property personally, therefore, we recommend that you arrange temporary accommodation for when you first arrive in Christchurch to enable you time to find a property that you will be happy in.  For families, we recommend arriving on your own first as temporary accommodation can be sourced on campus whilst you find a suitable house to enable your family to join you. Temporary accommodation for a family can be very expensive.

Find out more about renting privately.

Homestay and private board

If you are a single student, you may prefer homestay or private board. Homestay provides an affordable and attractive accommodation option – especially if you are searching for short to medium term accommodation. If you choose homestay accommodation, you can expect to be treated as part of the family – eating, socialising and relaxing with members of the household.

Find out more about homestay and private board.

Temporary accommodation

Temporary accommodation is usually paid for on a daily basis, for example a hotel or hostel. If you are only coming to UC for a short amount of time, or if you need short term accommodation while you look for a flat, temporary accommodation could be the answer.

Find out more about temporary accommodation.

More information

For more information about postgraduate accommodation options, contact Accommodation Services.