Symposium on the Politics of Antarctica - Symposium announcement and call for papers: to be held in 2010.

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Date: Thursday 8 - Friday 9 July 2010
Location: University of Canterbury
Contact: For further information regarding this event, please contact Associate-Professor Anne-Marie Brady by sending email to
Audience: The general public

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Antarctica is the world's fifth largest continent, with a wealth of valuable resources, governed by no one country, yet a place where politics is very much to the fore. For the last fifty years Antarctica has been managed under the Antarctic Treaty system, a body which, according to its critics, by the terms of its membership effectively excludes most of the nations of the world as they do not have the resources to engage in scientific research in Antarctica.

Will the Antarctic Treaty be able to last another 50 years?
Will the emergence of new actors with interest in Antarctica upset the current system?
Does Antarctic governance need to democratise?
How might that be achieved?

These are some of the questions this Symposium will explore from the perspective of
1. relevant international relations theory and political theory;
2. case studies of individual countries or groups of countries working in Antarctica or critiquing the existing order;
3. analysis of the politics of various burning issues in Antarctica such as the expansion of tourism, bio-prospecting, and the role of the military in Antarctica.

Antarctic political science is virtually non-existent as an academic discipline, yet Antarctic affairs are highly politicised and frequently contentious. In the interest of developing Antarctic political science as a specialist sub-field, the Symposium welcomes papers and panel proposals written from within the framework of political science methodology. Graduate students are especially encouraged to participate. Non-political science specialists who are interested observers are warmly invited to attend and contribute to discussions.

Gateway Antarctica, Christchurch, New Zealand

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