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Visiting Erskine Fellows


Erskine Bequest

Each year, some 70 distinguished, international academic visitors who are already advanced in the learning of any subject taught predominately in the College of Business and Law (excluding the School of Law), College of Engineering and the College of Science are invited to the University of Canterbury for durations of, normally, one to three months for the purpose of giving lectures in such subjects to students of the University. Please contact the Erskine Programme Manager for further information about Erskine eligible subjects.

Each Visiting Erskine Fellow receives a grant-in-aid which takes account of up to two return air fares and a daily allowance towards living expenses.  A visitor must be nominated by the Department concerned and only distinguished academics in their field are approved for the Visiting Erskine Programme.

The Erskine Bequest also funds some 25 Erskine Grants each year which enable University of Canterbury academic staff members in the above participating Colleges to take leave out of New Zealand to increase their knowledge in such subjects so as to better enable them to teach those subjects to students.

The Bequest has funded these Programmes since 1963.

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