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Oxford/Canterbury Academic Exchange Programme


In recognition of the lengthy association between the University of Oxford and the University of Canterbury that dates back to the design of the University of Canterbury's town site, the donation of books to College House, and a series of distinguished Oxford visitors to Canterbury over the years, a reciprocal visitor exchange programme between the two universities entitled the Oxford/Canterbury Exchange Programme was established in 2002, with the first visits occurring in 2003.

The goal of the Oxford/Canterbury Exchange Programme, which is primarily administered by the University of Canterbury, is to build on the academic links that have already been developed and to benefit the students and staff of both universities by funding the regular visits of academic staff members.

As of 2016 the staff exchange programme initiated between the universities in 2002 continues, under different terms. While visiting the exchange university, staff members will participate in teaching, seminars and academic meetings, as agreed with the hosting department, in order to facilitate the sharing of ideas and expertise with staff and students at the exchange university. The exchange also creates opportunities for joint research and encourages the exchange of publications and academic materials.

I warmly commend this expanded Programme for the undoubted growth it is bringing in the exchange of knowledge, professional links, and research collaborations between our two universities. The Fellowships to be awarded each year are available in all faculties and are additional to those available under the existing Visiting Erskine Fellowships, Erskine Grants, Visiting Canterbury Fellowships and other leave programmes.

Professor Ian Wright
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
University of Canterbury
Christchurch, New Zealand
February 2017

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Oxford/Canterbury Academic Exchange information:


The purpose of Visiting Oxford Fellowships at Canterbury is to give lectures to students and should include undergraduate lectures where possible.

The purpose of Oxford Fellowships at Oxford (Grants) are to enable University of Canterbury staff members to increase their knowledge in their academic disciplines so as to better enable them to teach such subjects to students.


Visiting Fellowships and Grants under the Oxford/Cambridge Academic Exchange are open to all Colleges and are funded by the University of Canterbury - with assistance for the Colleges of Business and Law (except the School of Law), College of Engineering and the College of Science from the bequest of its distinguished graduate John Angus Erskine.

Visiting Fellowships to Canterbury are for durations of, normally, one to three months. A minimum of an average of 3 lectures per week (or equivalent student contact hours) is expected. As a guidline teaching should include 100 and 200 levels.

Fellowships at Oxford - a letter of support is required from the proposed host department at the University of Oxford indicating that hosting will be available at no cost to the visitor.

Applications/nominations for 3 Fellowships to each University are called for in February of each year and are assessed on a competitive basis.

Closing date

The closing date for nominations for 2018 visits is 5 May 2017. There is currently a total annual allocation of 3 Visiting Oxford Fellowships and 3 Oxford Grants and nominations are assessed on a competitive basis. The history of awards is considered on a Departmental basis and not according to individual sections or subject areas within a Department.

Successful applicants 2017 for 2018

Visiting Oxford Fellowships awarded to:

To be announced in August 2017

Oxford Grants awarded to:

To be announced in August 2017

2017 visits

    Fellowships from Oxford:
  • Dr Ian Thompson from the Department of English, Oxford visiting the School of Teacher Education at the University of Canterbury
  • Professor Ralph Schroeder from the Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford visiting the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Canterbury

  • Fellowships to Oxford:

  • Dr David Monger from the Department of History visiting the Faculty of History, Oxford
  • Professor Bronwyn Hayward from the Depatment of Political Science and International Relations visiting the Blavatnik School of Govenment, Oxford

Oxford Fellowships and Grants from 2003 onwards can be found separately here.

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