Honour Roll 2010 - Erskine Programme - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Honour Roll 2010

Visiting Erskine, Canterbury and Oxford and Cambridge Fellows for 2010 are listed below in the order of the School/Department which they visited. The visitor's name, home university or organisation, and the area/s of expertise are listed. Not all Schools/Departments have a Fellow in any one year, so you may wish to check other years for Fellows in your area. Visiting Canterbury Fellows names appear in boldVisiting Oxford Fellows names appear in bold+italics. Visiting Cambridge Fellows names appear in BOLD+CAPS. Please click on the name of the visitor to make e-mail contact.



Institution and Research interest

Accountancy & Information Systems

Professor Christine Cooper

University Strathclyde Business School, UK
The impact of accounting in our everyday lives

Professor Andrew Terry

University of Sydney, Australia
Business Law and International Franchising Law

Biological Sciences (School of)

Dr Kevin J McGraw

Arizona State University, USA
Behavioural ecology, especially animal colouration

Professor George H Lorimer (Bio Chemistry)

University of Maryland, USA
Enzymology of photosynthesis; biological chemistry; enzyme mechanisms; study of Rubicso

Chemical & Process Engineering

Professor Phillip C Wankat

Purdue University, USA
Separation processes and improving engineering education


Professor Philip Doble

University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Capillary electrophoresis; high performance liquid chromatography; mass spectrometry; liquid chromatography

Associate Professor Peter Geissinger

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
Physical chemistry - quantum mechanics; spectroscopy; reaction dynamics; statistical thermodynamics

Professor Vickie McKee

Loughborough University, UK
Synthetic & structural aspects of coordination chemistry; use of geometric factors to control metal-metal interactions; x-ray crystallography

Dr Paul J Wyatt

University of Bristol, UK
Research & practice of teaching & learning in chemistry, research in organic synthesis

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

Professor Michel Bruneau

University at Buffalo, USA
Behaviour of structural systems with particular emphasis on earthquake engineering

Professor Alfred Shalom Hakkert

Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Traffic engineering and road safety

Professor David Purser

Hartford Environmental Research, UK
Human behaviour in fire, toxicology of combustion products, fire chemistry, fire investigation & litigation, environmental hazards of combustion products

Professor David Scott

Curtin University of Technology, Australia
Construction management-economic evaluation, development technology, monitoring & controlling project costs, management techniques, feasibility & planning

Professor Daniel Yoder

University of Tennessee, USA
Hydrologic monitoring and modelling, emphasizing soil erosion/delivery  and water quality

Communication Disorders

Professor Barbara Cone

University of Arizona, USA
Evoked potentials; electrophysiological assessments for audiology; speech perception; paediatric audiology hearing screening; auditory neuropathy

Professor Mary Louise Edwards

Syracuse University, USA
Speech language, child phonology, linguistics

Professor David B Hawkins

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, USA
Audiology; hearing aids; rehabilitation of persons with hearing loss; benign positional vertigo

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Professor Benedict du Boulay

University of Sussex, UK
Artificial intelligence in education

Associate Professor Lynn Lambert

Christopher Newport University, USA
Computer science education

Professor Keith Martin

University of London, UK
Cryptography; key management; wireless and mobile security

Economics and Finance

Professor Hope Corman

Rider University, USA
Health economics, crime and education

Associate Professor Cary Deck

University of Arkansas, USA
Economics of organisations, industrial organisation, economics of management and strategy

Professor Jonathan Klick

University of Pennsylvania Law School, USA
Econometrics, Empirical law and economics, public choice and public policy

Professor Morten Lau

Newcastle University, UK (now Durham University)
Econometrics, risk and uncertainty, intertemporal choice, behavioural economics, experimental economics

Professor Michael McAleer

Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
Anti-trust, financial econometrics, intellectual property, macroeconometrics, modelling environmental systems, philosophy of science, risk analysis

Professor Max Stearns

University of Maryland, School of Law, USA
Law and economics, public choice

Associate Professor Julian Wright

National University of Singapore, Singapore
Industrial organisation, competition policy and network economics

Educational Studies and Human Development (School)

Dr David Mills

University of Oxford, UK
Doctoral education & supervision, academic practice & reform in 'research economy', history of social sciences, ethnography, higher education Africa

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Veit Elser

Cornell University, USA
Diffraction imaging; projection algorithms; solid state physics

Professor Michael Fiddy

University of North Carolina, USA
Inverse problems and optical engineering

Professor Syed Jafar

University of California, Irvine, USA
Wireless communications and information theory

Professor Terry Peters

University of Western Ontario, Canada
Medical imaging

Professor Gregory J Pottie

University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Communication systems: specialising in wireless systems and wireless sensor networks


Dr Digby Race

Charles Sturt University, Australia
Community forestry

Gateway Antarctica

Dr Denzil G M Miller

Environmental management of Antarctica


Professor Graham Bentham

University of East Anglia, UK
Environmental conditions on health with a particular interest in the impacts of global environmental change

Dr Peter Langdon

University of Southampton, UK
Reconstructive past environmental change using qualitative & quantative techniques, palaeolimnology & palaeoecology, geochronology

Geological Science

Dr Michael O'Neal

University of Delaware, USA
Quaternary geology, climatic geomorphology, earth surface processes, geochronology, remote sensing, geographic information, geologic mapping

Professor Kevin Furlong

Pennsylvania State University, USA
Lithospheric geodynamics, geologic hazards; mathematical modelling and geophysics

Humanities(School of) (American Studies, Art History & Theory, Classics, Cultural Studies, English, History, Philosophy, Theatre & Film Studies)

Professor Clifford Ando
Classics Programme

University of Chicago, USA
Roman history, religion and law

Professor Glenn Willmott English

Queen's University, Canada
Modernism, graphic narrative, cultural theory, literature and economics

Professor William H Chafe History

Duke University, USA
American history of the 20th century; politics; recent biographer of the Clintons

Dr Thomas Forster
Philosophy Programme

University of Cambridge, UK
Logic, philosophy of mathematics, set theory, combinatorics, & others, incl. cognitive science

Professor Terence Horgan Philosophy Programme

University of Arizona, USA
Metaphysics, philosophy of mind, psychology & language; epistemology, philosophy of Metaethics, philosophy of science, logic, decision theory

Dr Peter Smith
Philosophy Programme

University of Cambridge, UK
Mathematical logic; philosophy of language; philosophy of mind

Languages, Cultures and Linguistics (School of) (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, European Languages & Cultures, Linguistics

Professor Diane Massam
Linguistics Programme

University of Toronto, Canada
Syntactic theory, especially case and agreement systems; formal structure of Niuean

Professor Janet Pierrehumbert
Linguistics Programme

Northwestern University, USA
Laboratory phonology


Professor Sara Carter

University of Strathclyde, Scotland
Gender issues within management development and entrepreneurship

Professor N Chanaka P Edirisinghe

University of Tennessee, USA
Linear & stochastic programming theory & applications; financial portfolio optimisation models, fundamentals analysis, risk measures & management

Professor Bulent Menguc

Brock University, Canada

Professor Morgan P Miles

University of Warwick, UK (now School of Management, University of Tasmania)
Entrepreneurship; marketing; corporate venturing; corporate social responsibility

Mathematics and Statistics

Professor Lisa Carbone  - Joint Fellowship

Rutgers University, USA
Automorphisms of trees, lattices, Kac-Moody groups, applications to high-energy physics

Professor Konstantin Mischaikow - Joint Fellowship

Rutgers University, USA
Dynamical systems, computational homology and dynamics, mathematical biology

Professor Hans Feichtinger

University of Vienna, Austria
Mathematics (wavelets/harmonic analysis)

Professor James Oxley

Louisiana State University, USA

Professor Tommaso Proietti

University of Rome, Italy
Time series analysis, forecasting, seasonal adjustment

Professor Glen van Brummelen

Quest University, Canada
Mathematics; history of mathematics

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Arvin Agah

University of Kansas, USA
Cognitive robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, mobile sensors and instrumentation, intelligent systems

Professor Yuris Dzenis

University of Nebraska, USA
Advanced nanomaterials, nanomanufacturing processes, structural composites, intelligent predictive NDE

Professor Colin Hansen

University of Adelaide, Australia
Acoustics & vibration including active noise & vibration control

Professor Anil Saigal

Tufts University, USA
Materials science

Professor Steven van Sciver

Florida State University, USA
Cryogenics (fluid flow; heat and mass transfer; properties of materials and fluids)

National Centre for Research on Europe

Professor Sung-Hoon Park

Korea University, South Korea
EU-Korea Relations, FTAs, EU-Asian Regionalism

Physics and Astronomy

Associate Professor Charles Hellaby

University of Capetown, South Africa
Cosmology and general relativity

Associate Professor Scott Palo

University of Colorado, USA
Meteor radar, large scale atmospheric dynamics, remote sensing, electronics & signal processing, engineering design

Professor John S Gallagher III

University of Wisconsin, USA
Structure and evolution of galaxies


Associate Professor Kevin Shockley

University of Cincinnati, USA
Complex systems, perception, nonlinear dynamics, human factors

Professor Donald G Stein

Emory University School of Medicine, USA
Behavioural neuroscience and neurology

Professor Peter Dowrick

University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
Video self-modelling

Science, College of

Professor Lou Reinisch

Jacksonville State University, USA
Science and entrepreneurship; physics; medical physics