Honour Roll 1999 - Erskine Programme - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Honour Roll 1999

Visiting Erskine or Canterbury Fellows for 1999 are listed below in the order of the Department which they visited. The visitor's name, home university or organisation, and the area/s of expertise are listed. Not all Departments have a Fellow in any one year, so you may wish to check other years for Fellows in your area.

Accountancy, Finance & Information Systems

Prof Dieter Fink Edith Cowan University Information systems security; information technology
Assoc Prof Andrew L Terry The University of New South Wales Fair trading law; franchising law.

Chemical & Process Engineering

Prof Em. Rubin Battino Wright State University Thermodynamics, particularly of gases and liquids.
Prof Henry R Bungay III Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Bioprocess engineering; biomass refining; environmental engineering
Dr John C Chen Lehigh University Fluid flow and heat transfer in vapour liquid systems and particle gas systems
Prof Jerzy Petera Technical University of Lodz Chemical engineering; continuum mechanics; transport processes; mathematical modelling; finite element analysis


Prof William Clegg University of Newcastle Structural crystallography.
Prof Robert F Curl Rice University Physical chemistry.
Dr Stephen Fletcher CSIRO, Australia Electrochemistry; surface science.
Prof Nobuhiro Fusetani University of Tokyo Chemistry of bioactive marine natural products; marine bio-fouling
Prof Martin Vala University of Florida Spectroscopy; photochemistry; quantum theory.

Civil Engineering

Dr Malcolm D Bolton Cambridge University Geomechanics; geomechanical engineering; centrifuge testing
Prof Gerhard H Jirka Universitat Karlsruje, Germany Environmental fluid mechanics.
Prof Nicholas P Jones The John Hopkins University Engineering mechanics; structural dynamics; earthquake engineering
Prof Thomas D O'Rourke Cornell University Geotechnical earthquake engineering.
Prof Ted S Vinson Oregon State University Geotechnical engineering.

Civil Engineering/Forestry

Dr Robert A Douglas University of New Brunswick Forestry road design, materials and construction.

Computer Science

Prof Dr Jorg Biethahn Universitaet Goettingen, Germany Simulation modelling and strategy games.
Prof Glen G Langdon Jr University of California at Santa Cruz Data compression; digital systems and architecture.
Prof Allen B Tucker, Jr Bowdoin College Computer science education; programming languages; natural language programming
Dr Beverley P Woolf University of Massachusetts Artificial intelligence in education; 3-D computer animations


Dr Anindya Banerjee University of Oxford Econometrics.
Prof B Curtis Eaton Simon Fraser University Applied microeconomics including game theory; industrial organisation; technology
Prof Joop Hartog University of Amsterdam Econometrics; labour economies.
Prof Pierre L Siklos Wilfrid Laurier University Monetary economics; macroeconomics; applied econometrics


Prof Richard C Anderson University of Illinois Educational psychology; cognitive psychology; reading

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Prof Michael J Kelly University of Surrey Semiconductor devices and electronics; microelectronics
Prof Rick P Millane Purdue University Image recovery; X-ray crystallography; fibre diffraction
Prof John O'Reilly Glasgow University Control systems.
Prof Gerald B Sheble Iowa State University Power system analysis, optimisation and deregulation


Prof Anton Gosar University of Ljubljana Geography of tourism.
Assoc. Prof Ian G McKendry The University of British Columbia Climatology, especially local wind systems and pollution in urban areas
Prof Roger F McLean The University of New South Wales Physical coastal processes; coastal landforms; global climate and sea level change

Geological Sciences

Prof Ralph J Archuleta University of California Seismology and strong ground motion studies; earthquake dynamics & tectonics of Sth California
Prof Bernard E Leake Cardiff University Petrology of igneous and metamorphic rocks; mineralogy of the amphibole group


Prof Peter J Cain Sheffield Hallam University Political economy of British imperialism; history of theories of Imperialism


Prof Jennifer E Coates Roehampton Institute, London English language and literature, especially the speech of women
Prof Alice C Harris Vanderbilt University Historical processes underlying syntactic change.


Prof Jack P C Kleijnen Katholieke University Brabant, Neth. Management science, including information systems
Prof Herbert J Rotfeld Auburn University Advertising; advertising law and regulation promotion; services marketing
Prof William H Starbuck New York University Strategic management; organisation behaviour.
Profesor Werner J Ulrich University of Fribourg Management science, systems theory.

Mathematics & Statistics

Prof Mark Boyce Un. of Wisconsin at Stevens Point Mathematical ecology.
Prof Lou Fishman University of New Orleans Mathematics of wave propagation.
Associate Prof Jotun Hein University of Aarhus, Denmark DNA sequence analysis; computational biology; population genetics
Prof Edward B Saff University of South Florida Approximation theory; potential theory; orthogonal polynomials; complex analysis; numerical dualysis
Prof Joseph A F Thas University of Ghent Finite geometry; generalised quadrangles.

Mechanical Engineering

Prof Dan B DeBra Stanford University Precision mechanical engineering; instrumentation & control; satellite tests of the general theory of relativity
Prof. Em. Stuart M Dickinson The University of Western Ontario Vibrations and stability of structures.
Assoc Prof Ken R Fyfe University of Alberta Computation accoustics.
Prof Dr Peter Hagedorn Institut for Mechanik Dynamics and vibration.
Dr Antony R Mileham University of Bath Design and simulation of manufacturing systems; management of technology innovation; risk management
Dr George Spanos US Naval Research Laboratory Materials science and technology.

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Prof William Demopoulos The University of Western Ontario Analytic philosophy.
Prof Jay L Garfield Smith College, Boston Philosophy of mind; philosophy of technology; Buddhist and Indian philosophy
Prof Jerrold Levinson University of Maryland Aesthetics; metaphysics; philosophy of mind.

Physics & Astronomy

Prof Colin A Bates University of Nottingham Condensed matter theory.
Dr Frank C Fekel Tennessee State University Binary stars; active chromosphere stars; astronomical spectroscopy & interometry
Prof Wayne K Hocking The University of Western Ontario Radar observations of the atmosphere; turbulence; meteors

Plant & Microbial Sciences

Dr Gijsbert M Lokhorst Leiden University Taxonomy and phylogeny of green algae.


Prof Sandra L Calvert Georgetown University Developmental psychology; children and the media
Prof William Ickes The University of Texas - Arlington Social psychology.
Prof David C Rubin Duke University Memory, especially autobiographical memory and everyday memory
Assoc Prof Colleen Ward The National University of Singapore Cross-cultural psychology.

Speech & Language Therapy

Prof Jon F Miller University of Wisconsin-Madison Child language development and disorders.
Prof David E Yoder The University of North Carolina Augmentative and alternative communication; speech and language disorders in severely disabled populations


Prof Thomas T Chen University of Connecticut Genetics and molecular biology of fish growth regulation
Assoc Prof Janusz M Gebicki Macquarie University Biochemistry; free radical chemistry; radiation chemistry
Prof Robert Montgomerie Queen's University Animal behaviour; evolutionary biology; statistics.