Honour Roll 1998 - Erskine Programme - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Honour Roll 1998

Visiting Erskine or Canterbury Fellows for 1998 are listed below in the order of the Department which they visited. The visitor's name, home university or organisation, and the area/s of expertise are listed. Not all Departments had Fellows in each year, so you may need to check other years for Fellows in your specialty area.

Accountancy, Finance & Information Systems

Prof Albert S Dexter

The University of British Columbia

Systems analysis and design; information systems administration

Assoc Prof Kian Guan-Lim

The National University of Singapore

Corporate finance; financial risk management

Prof Peter W Wolnizer

Deakin University

Financial accounting and auditing

Chemical and Process Engineering

Prof Alan E Mather

Universite Blaise Pascal

Thermodynamics; heat and mass transfer; process analysis; natural gas processing; equilibrium stage processes

Prof Fred P Stein

Lehigh University

Thermodynamic properties of fluid mixtures and electrolytes; kinetics and reactor deign


Prof Robert N Compton

University of Tennessee

Photophysics; photochemistry; mass spectrometry; applications of lasers in in spectroscopy; ionization

Dr John H Dymond

University of Glasgow

Accurate measurement, correlation, prediction and estimation of thermophysical properties

Prof Hanns Fischer

Physikalisch-chemisches Institut der Universitat Zurich

Physical chemistry; magnetic resonance; fast reaction kinetics; photochemical charge transfer reactions

Prof Rudi van Eldik

University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany

Application of high pressure techniques to chemical reaction; metal-catalysed autooxidation processes in atmospheric chemistry

Dr Gordon H Whitham

Pembroke College, England

Exploratory and mechanistic studies of organoelement compounds, esp. organosulfur chemistry involving free-radicals

Civil Engineering

Prof Joseph Hun-Wei Lee

University of Hong Kong

Environmental fluid mechanics

Prof Edward D Schroeder

University of California at Davis

Water and wastewater engineering; industrial pollution control; hazardous waste management

Prof Robert H J Sellin

University of Bristol

Hydraulic engineering

Prof Antony P S Selvadurai

McGill University

Theoretical mechanics, esp. soil and rock mechanics

Computer Science

Dr Jorge R J Cuellar

Siemens Research, Germany

Mathematical models for Computer Science, esp. for distributed systems

Prof Marco Ajmone Marsan

Politecnico di Torino

Petri nets; data communications


Dr Neil R Ericsson

Federal Reserve System, Washington

Econometric analysis of time series data; monetary macro-econometrics

Prof Nelson C Mark

Ohio State University

International finance; asset pricing; open economy macroeconomics; time series econometrics

Assoc Prof Peter B Morgan

The University of Michigan

Microeconomic theory & applications; search theory; sequential testing in statistics; labour markets

Prof Michael K Salemi

University of North Carolina

Monetary/macroeconomics; teaching of economics education

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Prof James K Cavers

Simon Fraser University

Communications systems esp. wireless communications

Prof Sujeet K Chaudhuri

University of Waterloo

Optics and signal processing

Prof Robert H Lasseter

University of Wisconsin

Prof William P Robbins

University of Minnesota

Semiconductor devices; power electronics


Prof Huw C Davies

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Meteorology and climatology esp. mid-latitude weather systems, orographic effects, weather prediction, climatic change and variability

Prof Janice J Monk

University of Arizona

Gender and geography; feminist geography in comparative international perspective; gender and landscape; gender and geographic education

Geological Sciences

Prof G Nelson Eby

University of Massachusetts

Igneous petrology and geochemistry; environmental chemistry

Prof James Gill

University of California at Santa Cruz

Petrology & geochemistry of igneous rocks, esp. applications of radiogenic isotopes to geological problems


Prof Edward L Keenan

University of California at Los Angeles

Historical linguistics; typology

Prof Walt Wolfram

North Carolina State University



Prof Jerry C Olson

Penn State University

Marketing; consumer behaviour; cognitive structures of knowledge; philosophy of science

Prof Edward A Silver

The University of Calgary

Management science; production management

Prof Emeritus John P van Gigch

California State University

Strategic management; systems theory and modelling; philosophy and management

Mathematics & Statistics

Prof John E Dennis

Rice University

Optimization; nonlinear equations; parallel computation

Prof William A Light

University of Leicester

Approximation theory; numerical analysis; functional analysis

Prof Zelada B Zabinsky

University of Washington

Global optimization methodologies; random search optimization techniques and probabilistic analysis of algorithm complexity

Mechanical Engineering

Prof Walter Eversman

University of Missouri - Rolla

Aerodynamics; aeroaccoustics; fluid dynamics

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Prof Fred Dretske

Stanford University

Philosophy of mind; epistemology

Prof Frank C Jackson

Australian National University

Philosophy of mind and cognitive science; epistemology; metaphysics; metaethics

Prof Gregory Gregory Schopen

University of Texas at Austin

Buddhist studies and Indology; Buddhist languages; history of religions; social and religious history; South-East Asia and Tibet

Physics & Astronomy

Prof Volker Heine

Cambridge University

Theory of condensed matter physics and minerology

Prof Bernard E Jacquier

CNRS-Universite Claude Bernard

Optical spectroscopy; laser properties of solid state luminescent materials

Prof David L Lambert

University of Texas at Austin

Astrophysics - stars and the interstellar medium

Prof Alan O'Neill

University of Reading

Meteorology; physics of the atmosphere

Plant & Microbial Sciences

Prof Wayne M Becker

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Plant biochemistry and molecular biology

Prof Robert M M Crawford

St Andrews University

Stress physiology in plants

Dr Robert N Lightowlers

University of Newcastle

Biochemistry; cell and molecular biology; genetics and neuroscience

Dr David W Hopkins

University of Dundee

Soil microbiology & chemistry; decomposition of plant litter in soil & uses of NMR; carbon dynamics in upland soils; Antarctic soil microbiology


Prof Thomas A Brigham

Washington State University

Behaviour analysis with special emphasis on self-control; prevention of HIV/AIDS infection

Prof David C Funder

University of California, Riverside

Social psychology and personality psychology

Dr Sidney J Segalowitz

Brock University

Developmental neuropsychology; cognitive psychology; human development; linguistics

Speech & Language Therapy

Prof Nicholas W Bankson

James Madison University

Communication sciences and disorders; esp. clinical phonology

Prof Barbara W Hodson

Wichita State University

Phonological development and phonological disorders; metaphonological skills and early literacy

Assoc Prof Robert C Marshall

University of Rhode Island

Adult neurogenic disorders; group treatment in acute care settings


Dr Stuart Egginton

University of Birmingham

Respiratory physiology; Antarctic fish biology; stress physiology

Prof Malcolm B Jones

University of Plymouth

Biology, ecophysiology of littoral and estuarine vertebrates; effects of contaminants on crustacea

Dr Michael J Kingsford

University of Sydney

Marine ecology

Prof Kenneth R Olson

University of Notre Dame, Indiana

Fish physiology