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The Erskine Programme administers Erskine and Canterbury Grants, Visiting Erskine and Canterbury Fellowships, along with Grants and Fellowships under the Cambridge/Canterbury Academic Exchange and the Oxford/Canterbury Academic Exchange.

Erskine Fellowships and Grants are available to the eligible subjects predominately in the College of Science, College of Engineering and the College of Business and Law. Canterbury Fellowships and Grants are available to non-Erskine eligible Colleges. Please contact the Erskine Programme Manager for details of eligible and non-eligible subjects.

The Cambridge/Canterbury Academic Exchange and the Oxford/Canterbury Academic Exchange are open to all Colleges.

Visiting International Academics Visitor Visa

The visiting academics visitor visa allows academics to travel to New Zealand as a visitor without the need to obtain a work visa. The visiting academic visitor visa will allows a stay for up to three months, or for a maximum of three months in any one year if several trips are made to New Zealand. Beyond that period a work visa is required. This is only available to residents of visa free countries (e.g. UK, USA). Visitors who have UK passports can enter New Zealand for up to 6 months on a visitor's visa.

Visiting Fellows are responsible for arraning their own visas to New Zealand. Vistors should ensue that they leave sufficient time to arrange any required visas, as they can take up to 3 months to be processed. Where a visitor fails to obtain any necessary visas before departure which prevents them from coming to New Zealand, they will be liable to reimburse the Erskine Programme, in full, for any costs incurred (i.e. airline tickets, accommodation costs).

If you require any further information please contact the Erskine Programme Manager.

Temporary Work Visa

Passport holders of non-visa-free countries or visitors staying longer than 3 months should apply for a Temporary Work Visa under Specific Purposes or Event, on Form NZINZ1015 which may be downloaded from NZ Immigration.

Visitors who also wish to educate their children as domestic students whilst in New Zealand will require a temporary work visa. Children will require student visas. Please contact the Erskine Programme Manager for further information.

Visiting Fellowships to Canterbury

Grants (outgoing)

Grants may be awarded to teachers who are staff in a continuing role at the University of Canterbury to enable staff members to increase their knowledge in any such subjects so as to better enable them to teach those subjects to students. In the case of new staff members, Grants are available after one full year of service.

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