Canterbury Grants

Canterbury Grants may be awarded to University of Canterbury academic staff members on a competitive basis in those Schools/Departments within the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, Creative Arts, Law and Education that do not have access to the Erskine Fund to take leave out of New Zealand to increase their knowledge in such subjects so as to better enable them to teach those subjects to students.

In each yearly round there is a total allocation of five Fellowships and/or Grants and nominations from eligible schools/departmentsare assessed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) on a competitive basis. Applications are called for each February with a closing date end of April. Decisions are expected to be notified to all applicants in August. Applications forms are available on the intranet for UoC staff only.

17 August 2011
I am pleased to announce an expansion of the current four available incoming Visiting Canterbury Fellowships to a combination of six available Canterbury Fellowships (incoming) and Canterbury Grants (outgoing). Some of these Grants will now be available for University of Canterbury staff who are not eligible for Erskine funded (outgoing) Grants.

Nominations/applications will be requested in February of each year for the following year with a closing date of 30 April and are funded by the University of Canterbury. Nominations/applications will be assessed by an evaluation committee consisting of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the five Pro-Vice-Chancellors and the Head of the School of Law with decisions by mid June.

The purpose of Visiting Canterbury Fellowships is primarily to give lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Canterbury Grants (outgoing Fellowships) will be awarded to continuing academic staff at the University of Canterbury. The awards are designed to assist staff to develop their teaching skills at top quality overseas Universities.

Professor Ian Town
Deputy Vice-Chancellor

August 2011

Access to application/nomination forms is via the intranet and for staff only.


  • Complete application form
  • Head of School/Department signs
  • College Pro-Vice Chancellor signs
  • Form sent to the Erskine Programme office for checking by closing date
  • Applications assessed by evaluation committee
  • July/August - announcement of successful applicants
  • Erskine Programme office send letters of approval to successful applicants

Canterbury Grant Information for Staff (pdf 261kb)

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