Student Services Levy

‘All students’ includes domestic full-time and part-time students, and international students including international students who pay domestic fees who are enrolled in whole year course.
Students who enrol in one semester
Distance students with site codes N (Nelson), R (Rotorua), T (Tauranga) or Y (New Plymouth)
Cultural only enrolments and STAR students

Distance/Remote students and part-time Education students in selected categories may be eligible to apply for a rebate of the levy.
Please refer to Students Services Levy Rebate below.

About the Student Services Levy

All New Zealand universities charge a student services levy to provide for the various student services on campus. The levy funds received are only used in the best interests and for the benefit of students with important feedback processes in place to ensure that understanding student needs are included in the funding allocation process.

In 2011 and 2012 a survey of student preferences was carried out to inform the staff/student Joint Operations Advisory Board (JOAB) for making recommendations on the allocation of these funds to the Vice Chancellor. Similarly, in 2013 a student survey was conducted to help inform decision making around the student space capital fund allocation.

The levy funds have been allocated to: student support services; career education; advocacy and welfare programmes; club support and funding; student events; Māori support; Pasifika support; subsidised Health Centre services; free Recreation Centre membership; and student space development.

Annual and lifetime cap

The Student Services Levy will be capped in any one year of study at the full year levy. The levy has a lifetime cap equivalent to paying the full year levy for five years (ie, five years of study at full Student Services Levy per annum). For students who receive a rebate, the lifetime cap will not apply until the equivalent of five years of study at the full year levy has been paid.

Student Services Levy Rebate

Distance/Remote students and Part-time Education students in selected categories may be eligible to apply for a rebate of the levy.

Download the Student Services Levy Rebate application form (PDF, 182KB) or collect one from the Student Services Centre.

Any rebate must be applied for and received by UC with relevant supporting documentation before 30 October of the enrolment year of the enrolment offer. Students will be advised of the rebate application decision by email.

The full levy will be charged until such time as a rebate application has been submitted and approved. Students enroling in only one semester or in 30 points or less over the academic year will be charged at a reduced 50% levy.

Map: University of Canterbury Student Levy Zone (JPG, 877KB)


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