Studentsafe Kiwi Insurance for Domestic Students - Enrol at UC - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Studentsafe Kiwi Insurance for Domestic Students

What does Studentsafe Kiwi cover?

Studentsafe Kiwi covers for your contents, personal belongings, personal liability, some travel and more.  Please refer to Studentsafe Kiwi policy for full details of cover or contact Studentsafe.

More helpful information about the cover is available from Studentsafe website.

Who is it for?

Domestic students, under the age of 60 years, living away from home.  Please refer to Studentsafe Kiwi policy for full details.

How much does it cost?

2015 Premium: $420

How long is it for?

The cover will commence on 15 February each year.
The cover will cease on the 15 February the following year unless you renew the cover and pay the premium in the following year. You can renew your cover at the same time you re-enrol at UC.

How do I arrange the cover?

University of Canterbury students can purchase this insurance from UC.  There is no paper application to complete. You will be included in the group plan and the insurer will email you a proof of cover once the University has received your payment for the premium. Your student number at the University becomes your insurance number as well.
We strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the insurance policy before you purchase the cover.
You can arrange the cover in person at Student Finance desk in Student Services Centre (online maps) or you can email us

Please note:

  • For cover to apply, the required premium must have been paid.
  • Premiums cannot be paid by Student Loan

What if I want to know more about Studentsafe Kiwi cover?

Please contact Studentsafe for details on the policy, what is covered, claims process and any other policy related questions. 
You can also email us in and we’ll forward the question tothe insurer.

The information included in this website is meant to be a general guide to the enrolment process. Full information on UC’s General Regulations and Policies can be found in the UC Regulations website. Information about UC Privacy commitment is available from Privacy Statements and Student Declaration.