Keith Alexander

ProfessorKeith Alexander

Civil Mechanical E523
Internal Phone: 7385

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include: mechanical engineering design; water jets

Research/Scholarly/Creative Works

  • Eager DB., Scarrott C., Nixon J. and Alexander K. (2013) Injury survey of a non-traditional "soft-edged' trampoline designed to lower equipment hazards. International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion 20(1): 42 - 49.
  • Eager D., Scarrott C., Nixon J. and Alexander K. (2012) Survey of injury sources for a trampoline with equipment hazards designed out. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 48(7): 577 - 581.
  • Wypych M., Le-Ngoc L., Alexander K. and Gardner A. (2012) On the application of circularcylindrical waves to ocean wave power absorption. Ocean Engineering 40 69 - 75.
  • Fuller AM. and Alexander KV. (2011) Exit-flow velocity survey of two single-tangential-inlet vaneless turbine volutes. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 35(1): 48 - 59.
  • Alexander K., Donohue B., Feese T., Vanderlinden G. and Kral M. (2010) Failure analysis of an MVR (mechanical vapor recompressor) Impeller. Engineering Failure Analysis 17(6): 1345 - 1358.