COSC 121 Overdrive

car on highway blurred high speed

Students with good NCEA marks may already know much of the material in COSC 121. We offer an Overdrive option with additional opportunities to explore extra language features, interesting problems, and/or project work. It has the same degree credit but offers a useful boost to your degree and future career.

Admission is on a case-by-case basis, with an enrolment limit of 40 students. Strong performance in both NCEA (or equivalent) and an online entrance test is required.

You are expected to have at least Merit endorsements in most NCEA subjects, particularly Mathematics and an English-rich subject. If you have taken NCEA AS91637 (Develop a complex computer program for a specified task) and/or AS91636 (Demonstrate understanding of areas of computer science) it would be expected that you would have obtained Excellence endorsements in them, but if you haven't taken those courses a sufficiently strong performance in other subjects and in the entrance test will suffice.

The entrance test will focus on Python. You can practise with the Python problems available at Our questions will be of similar difficulty to these, although there may be one or two more challenging exercises at the end of the test. If you do not know Python but have some programming experience in another language and excellent NCEA grades, you can probably teach yourself sufficient Python to at least pass the entry test.

For all enquiries please contact the course coordinator.

Richard Lobb

Fixed Term Academic
Adjunct Senior Fellow
Jack Erskine 211
Internal Phone: 92466