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What is Cyber Security Lab?

Cyber Security lab at UC was established in 2011 as a unit to co-ordinate and support work in the areas of dependability, security and privacy, resiliency and survivability. For instance, we are working on intrusion detection systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, Cyber physical systems (e.g., Smart Grid), Unmanned aerial vehicle, Critical Infrastructures.

If you are interested in Dependability and Security and are looking for an supervisor for your Ph.D., Masters, or Honours study, please send me an email. I am also seeking for motivated undergraduate students who want to do research, please come by my office (Erskine 304). I am always open and happy to discuss with you about the research topics.

If you are looking for PostDoc research fellow or visiting scholar positions, please email me for details.

  • Security modeling and analysis
  • Resilience modeling and analysis
  • Availability and Performability modeling and analysis of Cloud/Data Centers
  • Availability/Dependability modeling framework
  • Intrusion Detection systems
  • Security, Dependability and Survivability for Wireless Sensor Networks/RFID systems
  • Hardware implementation
  • CBSM: Cloud based Security Management system
  • A Research on Combat Systems Survivability
    sponsored by Agency for Defense Development (ADD) in South Korea
  • Security Risk Modeling and Assessment of Cloud Computing
    Qatar National Research Fund

Postdoc at UC

  • Jin B. Hong (Postdoc): Cloud Computing Security

Postgraduate/undergraduate Students at UC

  • Kieran Morris (Ph.D student in ECE): Reliability and Resiliency Analysis of Smart Grid
  • Mengmeng Ge (Ph.D student in CSSE): Security for the Internet of Things
  • Simon (Enochson) Yusuf (Ph.D student in CSSE): Dynamic Cyber Security Modeling and Aanlysis
  • Matthew Ruffell (Ph.D student in CSSE): Finding Kernel level vulnerability using symbolic execution
  • Dilli Sharma (Ph.D student in CSSE): Moving Target Defense
  • Paul Kim (MSc in MADS in Math department): Blockchain and security
  • Amelia Samandari (CS honours student): IoT security focusing on Mobility
  • James Spicer (CS honours student): Distributed Vulnerability Scanning for Safelite
  • Nic Robinson-O'Brien (SE honours student): SPNP improvement
  • Andrew Dolan(SE honours student): Safeview improvment
  • Sophie He (undergraduate intern in CSSE): Security tool development
  • Postgraduate students I am co-supervising at KAU in South Korea
  • Seongmo An (Ph.D. student): Automated Security Analysis using Cloud Computing.
  • Taehoon Eom (Ph.D. student): Security for Software Defined Networking
  • Suhan Kim (Ph.D. student): Blockchain

Postgraduate students I am co-supervising at Hassan 1st University in Morocco

Oussama Mjihil (Ph.D. student): Model based Security Compliance Checking for Cloud Computing
Iman Elmir (Ph.D. student): Security Modeling and Analysis of Intrusion Tolerant Data Centers

Recent Alumni

  • Jin B. Hong (Ph.D. April, 2015, UC): Scalable and Adaptable Security Modeling and Analysis. First employment: Postdoc, UC, NZ
  • Nguyen Tuan Anh (Ph.D., August 2015, KAU): Availability Modeling and Analysis of Data Center Systems using Stochastic Reward Nets. First employment: Postdoc, Kunkuk University, Korea
  • SeulKi Lee (Ph.D., 2014, KAU): Reliability and Availability Analysis for UAS by Using Hierarchical Fault Trees and Continuous Time Markov Chains. First employment: Korea Institute of Geoscience And Mineral Resources, Korea
  • Sang Min Lee (Ph.D., 2012, KAU): Modeling and analysis of lightweight Intrusion Detection Systems, First employment: SK telecom Co., Ltd. -> Current: Telecommunications Technology Association of Korea (TTA)
  • HeeSoo Kim (M.E., 2016, KAU): Android Malware Detection using Machine Learning, First employment: Penta Security Systems Inc., Korea
  • Suhan Kim (M.E., 2016, KAU): Development of New Security Metrics, Current: PhD student at KAU.
  • FangCheng Jia (M.Sc. in CSSE, 2015, UC): A Security Assessment Framework for Software Systems, Current: PwC, Wellington, NZ
  • Hyeongjun Jin (M.E., 2015, KAU): Security Analysis of Network Separation Mechanisms
  • Miseon Wi (M.E., 2014, KAU): Security Evaluation of Smart Grid using Attack Countermeasure Trees. Current: Hyundai Mobis security team.
  • Matthew Ruffell (Computer Science Honours student in CSSE, 2016, UC): Applying Bytecode Level Automatic Exploit Generation To Embedded Systems, current: PhD student at UC
  • Monty Anderson (Software Engineering Honours student in CSSE, 2017): Visualisation of Hierarchical Attack Representation Models


  • Dr Michael Grottke (Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany)
  • Prof Abdelkrim Haqiq (Hassan 1st U., Morocco)
  • Prof Dijiang Huang (Arizona State U., USA)
  • Taehwan Kim (ETRI, South Korea)
  • Prof Jang-Se Lee (KMU, South Korea)
  • Fumio Machida (NEC, Japan)
  • Prof Paulo R. M. Maciel (UFPE, Brazil)
  • Prof Deep Medhi (UMKC, USA)
  • Prof Jong-Sou Park (KAU, South Korea)
  • Prof David Tipper (U. of Pitt., USA)
  • Chaired Prof Kishor S. Trivedi (Duke U., USA)

For advice

Dong Seong Kim

Senior Lecturer
Jack Erskine Rm 304
Internal Phone: 95370

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