Bridge Engineering

Viaduct running over valley in Millau Spain

Bridge Engineering is one aspect of structural engineering. Bridges are key structures that serve our communities in different aspects. They are vital linkages for transportation networks but can also become iconic symbols of a city. Bridges can be of different materials, such as concrete, steel and timber, but also of different types like trusses, arches, cable-stayed and suspension bridges. Bridge designers need to find the most suitable bridge typology and construction technique in order to make the design cost-competitive.

A Bridge is not designed for sustaining just the traffic loads. It is also highly exposed to the environment. A bridge has to be designed to “live” for at least 100 years and has to be designed for sustaining loads induced by natural hazards such as earthquakes, floods and tsunami.

Bridge Engineering staff

The following people are involved in teaching or researching bridge engineering within the department:

Alessandro Palermo

Bridge Engineering Co-ordinator
Civil and Natural Resources Engineering
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E410
Internal Phone: 92044

Allan Scott

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E446C
Internal Phone: 92089

Chin-Long Lee

Senior Lecturer
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E413
Internal Phone: 92063

Sonia Giovinazzi

Internal Phone: 92262

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