Civil and Natural Resources Engineering contacts

Civil and Natural Resources

69 Creyke Road
University of Canterbury
New Zealand

Phone +64 3 369 3113

Catherine O'Shaughnessy

Undergraduate Administrator/general enquiries
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E424
Internal Phone: 95880

Leigh Davidson

Postgraduate Administrator
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E422
Internal Phone: 95820

Elizabeth Ackermann

Departmental Administrator
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E423
Internal Phone: 94116

Sophie Guy

Room: E422, Civil Mech building
Internal Phone: 95821

Alan Gordon

Planning and Operations Manager
Civil Engineering Rm E425 L4
Internal Phone: 94051

Olive Dalton

Computer Manager
Room: E425, Civil/Mech Building
Internal Phone: 93153

Academic staff

Mark Davidson

Head of Department
Fields of Research:
- Environmental fluid mechanics
- Wastewater disposal

Tom Cochrane

Associate Professor
Associate HOD
Fields of Research:
- Hydrology
- Hydropower
- Water resources modelling
- Sediment transport and erosion
- Irrigation
- S...

Anthony Abu

Senior Lecturer
NZFS Commission Senior Lecturer in Structural Fire Engineering
Fields of Research:
- Design of structures in fire conditions
- Design of steel, composite steel and concrete stru...

Larry Bellamy

Ada Rutherford Professor of Architectural Engineering
Room: E403 Civil Mech building

Brendon Bradley

Professor in Earthquake Engineering/Deputy-Director of QuakeCoRE
Research Interests:
Seismic Hazard and Risk Analysis, Structural and Geotechnical Seismic Response Analysis, Applications of Statistics in Civil Engineering

Ricardo Bello Mendoza

Senior Lecturer
Postgraduate Co-ordinator
Fields of Research:
- Anaerobic processes for wastewater treatment and bioenergy production
- Degradation of water...

Des Bull

Holcim Professor in Concrete Design
Fields of Research:
- Structural concrete design
- Earthquake engineering
- Bridge design
- Concrete materials

Reagan Chandramohan

Research Interests:
Seismic Hazard, Risk, and Reliability Assessment Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Structural Response History Analysis Verification and Vali...

Frances Charters

Research Interests:
Water Quality Modelling, Pollution Management, Natural Treatment Systems and Low Impact Design

Gabriele Chiaro

Research Interests:
Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering

Misko Cubrinovski

Fields of Research:
- Geotechnical earthquake engineering
- Soil liquefaction: evaluation and remediation
- Seismic...

Roger Dawe

Surveying Part-time lecturer
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E446
Internal Phone: 7290

Tonny de Vries

Research Interests:
Irrigation engineering, climate change, water resources engineering, agriculture

Rajesh Dhakal

Fields of Research:
- Seismic design of RC Structures
- Loss Optimisation Seismic Design
- Probabilistic Seismic ris...

Nick Dudley Ward

Senior Lecturer
Director of Studies, Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering
Fields of Research:
- groundwater tomography (e.g seismic, GPR)
- poroelasticity
- computational wave propagation an...

Mehdi Keyvan Ekbatani

Room: E438, Level 4, Civil/Mechanical Engineering Building

Charles Fleischmann

Undergraduate Co-ordinator
Fields of Research:
- Compartment fire modelling
- Fire dynamics
- Fire engineering

Brian Guo

Lecturer in Construction Management
Internal Phone: 94639

Jennifer Haskell

Senior Lecturer/2nd Pro coordinator
Research Interests:
Soil mechanics, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Matthew Hughes

Research Interests:
Geohazards, Risk and Resilience

Diana Kusumastuti

Lecturer Transportation Engineering
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E406
Internal Phone: 94641

Pedro Lee

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Flow hydraulics of open compound channels
- System control theory for fault detection in pip...

Chin-Long Lee

Senior Lecturer
Fields of Research:
- Earthquake Engineering
- Nonlinear Structural Analysis
- Computational Mechanics
- Steel and Com...

Minghao Li

1st Pro Coordinator
Fields of Research:
- Timber Engineering
- Structural Engineering
- Earthquake Engineering

Gregory MacRae

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Low Damage Construction
- Steel/Composite Structures
- Earthquake Engineering
- Structural Dynam...

Ian Mason

Co-director, Renewable Energy
Fields of Research:
- Sustainable energy systems
- Energy systems modelling
- Carbon management

Mark Milke

Fields of Research:
- Solid waste (rubbish) management
- Environmental engineering
- Uncertainty and risk analysis
- G...

Dong Ngoduy

Associate Professor
Level 4, Civil Mech Room: E406
Internal Phone: 95119

Roger Nokes

Council member
Fields of Research:
- Tsunami generation
- Jets and plumes
- Gravity currents
- Mixing in stratified flows

Markus Pahlow

Senior Lecturer
Fields of Research:
- Water Scarcity
- Water-Food-Energy Nexus
- Hydrology
- Flood Risk Planning and Management
- Integr...

Alessandro Palermo

Fields of Research:
- Bridge Engineering
- Seismic resistant low-damage technologies
- Post-tensioned timber buildin...

Stefano Pampanin

Fields of Research:
- Seismic Design of Low-Damage Concrete and Timber Buildings
- Seismic Vulnerability and Stren...

Mofreh Saleh

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Asphaltic concrete materials
- Finite elements modelling for pavement materials
- Pavement des...

Eric Scheepbouwer

Senior Lecturer
Construction Management Postgraduate Programme Director
Research Interests:
My research interests are in the area of construction management, project delivery and procurement, value management and productivity.

Allan Scott

Senior Lecturer - Cement and Concrete Association Fellow
3rd Pro Coordinator
Fields of Research:
- Durability of reinforced concrete structures
- Concrete materials
- Corrosion of metals

Mark Stringer

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E302
Internal Phone: 94638

Timothy Sullivan

Associate Professor
Fields of Research:
- Fundamentals of Seismic Design Methods
- Displacement-based design
- Capacity design
- Performan...

David Wareham

Associate Professor
College of Engineering Dean (International) and Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor Engineering
Fields of Research:
- Environmental engineering
- Environmental engineering education
- Biological Nitrogen Removal
- ...

Chris McGann

Fields of Research:
- Structural and geotechnical earthquake engineering
- Constitutive modeling
- Numerical analysi...

Technical staff

Peter Coursey

Computer Technician
Civil Engineering E118
Internal Phone: 7225

Grant Dunlop

Fire Engineering Lab Techincian
Engineering & Science Annex Rm 200D
Internal Phone: 6345

Siale Faitotonu

Geomechanics laboratory Technician
Civil Engineering E117
Internal Phone: 6440

Mosese Fifita

Technician - Structures Lab
Civil Engineering B114A
Internal Phone: 7347

Gavin Keats

Technician - Structures Lab
Civil Engineering B114A
Internal Phone: 7347

John Kooloos

Transportation laboratory Technician
Civil Engineering E117
Internal Phone: 7343

David MacPherson

Technical Services Manager, Environmental Engineering Lab / Dept Safety Officer
Civil Engineering B120
Internal Phone: 6342

Russell McConchie

Technician - Fabrication and testing
Civil Engineering 100
Internal Phone: 7314

Peter McGuigan

Civil Engineering 337
Internal Phone: 7253

John Maley

Technician - Structures Lab
Civil Engineering B103
Internal Phone: 7316

Timothy Perigo

Technician - Structures Lab
Internal Phone: 7341

Alan Poynter

Technician - Model structures lab
Civil Engineering 117
Internal Phone: 7203

Ian Sheppard

Technician - Fluids lab
Civil Engineering (Lab Wing) B121
Internal Phone: 7318

Nick Smith (NCRE)

Technician - electronics workshop

Stuart Toase

Workshop manager
Civil Engineering B114A
Internal Phone: 7347

Nicole van de Weerd

Geotechnical Laboratory Research Technician

Michael Weavers

Senior Technician - electronics workshop
Civil Engineering E118
Internal Phone: 6105

Robert Wilsea-Smith

Technician - Fire Engineering
Civil Engineering B118
Internal Phone: 6345

Kevin Wines

Technician - fabrication and testing
Civil Engineering 100
Internal Phone: 7318

Brandon Hutchison

Computer Analyst / IT Support
Civil Engineering E212d
Internal Phone: 6868

Manjula Premaratne

Environmental Technician
Internal Phone: 7253

Adjunct, emeritus and retired staff

David Carradine

Structural Engineering, BRANZ
Postal address: BRANZ, Private Bag 50908, Porirua City 5240

Claudia Cenedese

Adjunct Associate Professor

Douglas Gransberg

Adjunct Professor

James Mackechnie

Adjunct Senior Fellow
Concrete laboratory office

Kevin McManus

Geotechnical Engineering

Aisling O'Sullivan

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Room 314, Level 3, ICTS Building

Bryan Pidwerbesky

Adjunct Senior Fellow

David Scott

Adjunct Professor

Erica Seville

Research Fellow

Shane Turner

Adjunct Senior Fellow

Andy Buchanan

Emeritus Professor of Timber Design
Room: 402, Level 4, Civil/Mech Building
Internal Phone: 6243

Athol Carr

Professor Emeritus
Room: E403, Civil & Natural Resources Engineering
Internal Phone: 6246

Rob Davis

Professor Emeritus
Civil Engineering E403
Internal Phone: 6381

David Elms

Professer Emeritus
Civil Engineering (Mechanical) E402
Internal Phone: 95315

Ian Wood

Professor Emeritus
Civil Engineering E402.1
Internal Phone: 6397

Alan Nicholson

Emeritus Professor
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E404
Internal Phone: 6233

Peter Moss

Retired Professor