Chemical, Natural and Healthcare Product Formulation

Chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical and personal care products are not comprised only of the main active ingredient(s) but must be formulated in a way that enables their practical use.

For example, a moisturising skin lotion must not only contain moistening agents but also the components required to create a stable colloidal suspension with suitable viscosity, skin feel and fragrance to make it an attractive product for the consumer, with antimicrobial agents and a suitably long shelf life.

Skills developed

  • Product design process
  • Physical properties of formulated products
  • Chemical properties of formulated products
  • Functional properties of formulated products
  • Methods of analysis
  • Commercial production
  • Testing
  • Process economics

This degree promotes interdisciplinary innovation.  For example, Chemical, Natural and Healthcare Product Formulation combined with electives from Biochemistry will create more natural products.