Beebots in the Behive

08 May 2017

Tim Bell was involved in running a "Code Club for Politicians" at the Beehive in Wellington.

  • Beebots in the Behive

    Esther Trengrove using Beebots in the Beehive

Please see the coverage at Tech Week and on Nikki Kaye's Facebook page for more information.

Joffre Horlor with RHCE certificate

Joffre Horlor RHCE

CSSE Departmental Programmer Joffre Horlor, having passed his exams, is now a Red Hat Certified Engineer.

Assoc.Prof. Willig wins Best Paper award

Assoc.Prof. Willig wins Best Paper Award

Assoc.Prof. Andreas Willig and two colleagues have won a Best Paper Award.