Sean Pourazadi

Senior TutorSean Pourazadi

Link Rm 415
Internal Phone: 94083

Research Interests

I joined the department in 2016 after my PhD at The Laboratory for Sustainable Technology of Sydney University. My PhD thesis, under UsydIS scholarship, focused on synthesis of 3D-structured doped graphene materials for fuel cell and energy conversion application. Following the completion of my M.Sc in 2011, I spent a year at Fars Gas Company to sustain my prior links to industry. As a member of Gas Refining Centre of Excellence at Shiraz University and for my master, I focused on improving the performance of Naphtha Reforming process in oil refineries. In 2008, I graduated from School of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering of the same institution for my B.Sc.

Recent Publications

  • Haque E., Islam MM., Pourazadi E., Sarkar S., Harris AT., Minett AI., Yanmaz E., Alshehri SM., Ide Y. and Wu KCW. (2017) Boron-Functionalized Graphene Oxide-Organic Frameworks for Highly Efficient CO2 Capture. Chemistry - An Asian Journal 12(3): 283-288.
  • Marriott L. and Pourazadi E. (2017) Industrialisation of saline cultivation for second-generation biofuels: progress and challenges. Environmental Technology Reviews 6(1): 15-25.
  • Haque E., Islam MM., Pourazadi E., Hassan M., Faisal SN., Roy AK., Konstantinov K., Harris AT., Minett AI. and Gomes VG. (2015) Nitrogen doped graphene via thermal treatment of composite solid precursors as a high performance supercapacitor. RSC Advances 5(39): 30679-30686.
  • Iranshahi D., Rahimpour MR., Paymooni K. and Pourazadi E. (2013) Utilizing de optimization approach to boost hydrogen and octane number, through a combination of radial-flow spherical and tubular membrane reactors in catalytic naphtha reformers. Fuel 111: 1-11.
  • Pourazadi E., Haque E., Zhang W., Harris AT. and Minett AT. (2013) Synergistically enhanced electrochemical (ORR) activity of graphene oxide using boronic acid as an interlayer spacer. Chemical Communications 49(94): 11068-11070.