Patrick Geoghegan

TechnicianPatrick Geoghegan

Scientific Officer


Research Interests

Experimental fluid mechanics and Aerodynamics. Wind tunnel experimental analysis. Arterial fluid structure interaction. Simulant model construction of biological tissue for blood flow analysis and forensic research. Digital image manipulation and analysis.

Recent Publications

  • Docherty PD., Geoghegan PH., Huetter L., Jermy M. and Sellier M. (2017) Regressive cross-correlation of pressure signals in the region of stenosis: Insights from particle image velocimetry experimentation. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 32: 143-149.
  • Geoghegan PH., Jermy MC. and Nobes DS. (2017) A PIV comparison of the flow field and wall shear stress in rigid and compliant models of healthy carotid arteries. Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology 17(3)
  • Geoghegan PH., Laffra AM., Hoogendorp NK., Taylor MC. and Jermy MC. (2017) Experimental measurement of breath exit velocity and expirated bloodstain patterns produced under different exhalation mechanisms. International Journal of Legal Medicine : 1-9.
  • Geoghegan PH., Spence CJT., Wilhelm J., Kabaliuk N., Taylor MC. and Jermy MC. (2016) Experimental and computational investigation of the trajectories of blood drops ejected from the nose. International Journal of Legal Medicine 130(2): 563-568.
  • Huetter L., Geoghegan PH., Docherty PD., Lazarjan MS., Clucas D. and Jermy MC. (2016) Fabrication of a compliant phantom of the human aortic arch for use in Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) experimentation.