Markus Pahlow

Senior LecturerMarkus Pahlow

Civil Mechanical Engineering Rm E418
Internal Phone: 92053


Research Interests

Research interests include:- Water consumption and pollution in food, feed and energy production- Sustainability assessment of water usage- Ensemble forecasting- Integrated catchment analysis- Risk assessment

Recent Publications

  • Kelley J., Higgins CW., Pahlow M. and Noller J. (2017) Mapping Soil Texture by Electromagnetic Induction: A Case for Regional Data Coordination. Soil Science Society of America Journal 81(4): 923-931.
  • Multsch S., Alquwaizany AS., Alharbi OA., Pahlow M., Frede HG. and Breuer L. (2016) Water-saving strategies for irrigation agriculture in Saudi Arabia. International Journal of Water Resources Development (early access online)
  • Multsch S., Pahlow M., Ellensohn J., Michalik T., Frede HG. and Breuer L. (2016) A hotspot analysis of water footprints and groundwater decline in the High Plains aquifer region. Regional Environmental Change 16(8): 2419-2428.
  • Munro SA., Fraser GCG., Snowball JD. and Pahlow M. (2016) Water footprint assessment of citrus production in South Africa: A case study of the Lower Sundays River Valley. Journal of Cleaner Production 135: 668-678.
  • Mekonnen MM., Pahlow M., Aldaya MM., Zarate E. and Hoekstra AY. (2015) Sustainability, efficiency and equitability of water consumption and pollution in Latin America and the Caribbean. Sustainability 7(2): 2086-2112.