Dong Seong Kim

Senior LecturerDong Seong Kim

Jack Erskine Rm 304
Internal Phone: 95370


Research Interests

Research interests include: Dependable and Secure systems, Computer and Network Security and Privacy, Wireless Ad hoc and Sensor Networks, Virtualizated Data Center, Dependability and Security for Cloud computing and Critical Infrastructure (Smart Power Grid).

Recent Publications

  • Ge M., Hong JB., Yusuf SE. and Kim DS. (2018) Proactive defense mechanisms for the software-defined Internet of Things with non-patchable vulnerabilities. Future Generation Computer Systems 78: 568-582.
  • El Mir I., Haqiq A. and Kim DS. (2017) Collaborative detection and filtering techniques against denial of service attacks in cloud computing. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology 95(24): 6902-6914.
  • Ge M., Hong JB., Guttmann W. and Kim DS. (2017) A framework for automating security analysis of the internet of things. Journal of Network and Computer Applications 83: 12-27.
  • Hong JB., Kim DS., Chung CJ. and Huang D. (2017) A survey on the usability and practical applications of Graphical Security Models. Computer Science Review 26: 1-16.
  • Mir IE., Kandoussi EM., Hanini M., Haqiq A. and Kim DS. (2017) A game theoretic approach based virtual machine migration for cloud environment security. International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security 9(3): 345-357.