Dirk Pons

College of Engineering Dean (Academic)Dirk Pons

John Britten Level 1
Internal Phone: 95826

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Research Interests

My main research and supervision areas are:DESIGN, ANALYSIS AND MANUFACTURING: lean, minimisation of waste, plant simulation, production engineering, environmental issues, life cycle assessment, engineering design, commissioning.INDUSTRIAL R&D: Specific research in industrial areas as the need arises. Examples are manufacture of wire fencing, internal combustion engine, food processing plant, solar desalination. BOBBIN FRICTION STIR WELDING: process optimisation, defect formation mechanisms, internal flow.ENGINEERING PROFESSION: engineering management, ethics, communication, graduate attributes, didactic implications. ENGINEERING SAFETY: design for safety, health & safety, risk, reliability engineering, human error. BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING: clinical engineering, musculoskeletal biomechanics, medical devices. SYSTEMS ENGINEERING: requirements analysis, engineering project management, V processes, commissioning.FOUNDATIONAL MECHANICS: physics theory development at the sub-particle level (no supervision offered). See list of publications for examples of outputs. Potential postgraduate students - see the topics below or suggest your own in related areas.

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