Chris Price

Associate ProfessorChristopher Price

EMTH Co-ordinator
Erskine 601
Internal Phone: 92447


Research Interests

Research interests include optimisation and acoustics.

Recent Publications

  • Price CJ. (2017) Stochastic filter methods for global optimization. Bremen, Germany: 4th European Optimization in Space Engineering Workshop, 28-30 Mar 2017
  • Robertson BL., McDonald T., Price CJ. and Brown JA. (2017) A modification of Balanced Acceptance Sampling. Statistics and Probability Letters
  • Price CJ., Reale M. and Robertson BL. (2016) Stochastic filter methods for generally constrained global optimization. Journal of Global Optimization (Early access online)
  • Price CJ., Robertson BL. and Reale M. (2016) Stochastic filter methods for global optimization. Canberra, Australia: AUSTMS 2016. The 60th annual meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society, 4-8 Dec 2016
  • Rea W., Price C., Oxley L., Reale M. and Brown J. (2016) A new procedure to test for fractional integration. Open Journal of Statistics 6(4): 651-666. or