Bruce Manley

Head of DepartmentBruce Manley

School of Forestry Rm232
Internal Phone: 92407

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include the development of methodology for the valuation of plantations, modelling of forest estates to incorporate wood and non-wood benefits and log and wood quality & linkage to products and markets.

Recent Publications

  • Manley B. and Niquidet K. (2017) How does real option value compare with Faustmann value when log prices follow fractional Brownian motion? Forest Policy and Economics 85: 76-84.
  • Manley BR. (2016) Afforestation responses to carbon price changes and market certainties.Commissioned by Minsitry for Primary Industries.
  • Manley BR. (2016) Analysis of New Zealand forest transactions 2011-2013. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 60(4): 29-32.
  • Manley BR. (2016) Deforestation Intentions Survey 2015.
  • Manley BR. (2016) Discount rates used for forest valuation - results of 2015 survey. New Zealand Journal of Forestry 61(2): 28-35.