Andrew Cockburn

ProfessorAndrew Cockburn

Postgraduate Co-ordinator
Jack Erskine 313
Internal Phone: 92119


Research Interests

My research interests cover a range of topics within empirical Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

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Recent Publications

  • Cockburn AJ., Quinn P. and Gutwin CA. (2017) The Effects of Interaction Sequencing on User Experience and Preference. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (in press)
  • Lafreniere B., Gutwin C. and Cockburn A. (2017) Investigating the post-training persistence of expert interaction techniques. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 24(4) 29: 46.
  • Aceituno J., Malacria S., Quinn P., Roussel N., Cockburn A. and Casiez G. (2016) The design, use, and performance of edge-scrolling techniques. International Journal of Human Computer Studies 97: 58-76.
  • Fitchett S. and Cockburn A. (2015) An Empirical Characterisation of File Retrieval. International Journal of Human Computer Studies 74: 1-13.
  • Scarr J., Gutwin C., Cockburn A. and Bunt A. (2015) StencilMaps and EphemeralMaps: spatially stable interfaces that highlight command subsets. Behaviour and Information Technology 34(11): 1092-1106.