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The University of Cambridge and the University of Canterbury announced with great pleasure the establishment from 2008 of a reciprocal academic visitor exchange programme between the two universities entitled the Cambridge/Canterbury Exchange Programme with the first visits occurring in 2009.

The two universities have a lengthy association and a series of distinguished Cambridge visitors to Canterbury over the years.

The goal of the Cambridge/Canterbury Exchange Programme, which will be primarily administered by the University of Canterbury, is to build on the academic links that have already been developed and to benefit the students and staff of both universities by funding the regular visits of academic staff members.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the two Universities, signed in February 2008 refers to:

‘The University of Canterbury and the University of Cambridge, in furtherance of their mutual interests in teaching and research, and as a contribution to increased international cooperation between them, hereby agree to implement, within the framework of the regulations applying in each of the institutions and subject to the availability of resources, the following programmes and activities: 

  • Exchange of continuing academic staff members
  • Joint research activities
  • Participation in teaching, seminars and academic meetings
  • Exchange of publications, academic materials and other information
  • Joint quality assurance benchmarking
  • The Cambridge/Canterbury Exchange Programme is jointly funded by the University of Canterbury, with assistance for relevant faculties from the bequest of John Angus Erskine, its distinguished graduate in science, engineering and economics and by the University of Cambridge. 

We warmly commend this expanded programme for the undoubted growth it will bring in the exchange of knowledge, professional links, and research collaborations between our two universities. The Fellowships to be awarded each year are available in all faculties and are additional to those available under the existing Visiting Erskine Fellowships, Visiting Oxford Fellowships, Erskine Grants, Oxford Grants, Visiting Canterbury Fellowships and other leave programmes.

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom - February 2009

University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand - February 2009

The purpose of Visiting Cambridge Fellowships at Canterbury is to give lectures to students and this should include undergraduate lectures where possible. UC will normally host two Cambridge fellows per year.

The closing date will usually fall in May of the year before the exchange will take place.

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