Community Award

UC Community Award

Canterbury is an unique example of what can be accomplished when communities pull together creating extraordinary power that brings about transformation and builds resilience to adversity. This award offers opportunities for students with a proven record of community commitment to develop their awareness of how communities work, the value of diversity, and how to build and harness participation in community projects. It offers hands-on learning through involvement with fantastic community projects and credit bearing courses that explore community engagement and leadership development that will expand your horizons and get you academic credit.

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"I’ve had the chance to gain a lot of extra skills through things like the SVA. It’s tailored what I want for my future career."


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What the Community Award package offers you:

  • Specialised mentoring programmes at UC ensures your student experience will be both rewarding and engaging. You will have the advantage of opportunities to extend your professional development and gain practical experience.
  • Students who are not living in the Halls of Residence can participate in the Halls without Walls as a virtual hall of residence
  • Guidance will be offered on how to include community related activities into your  Co-Curricular Record  and your CV
  • UC is the home of the world-renowned Student Volunteer Army. This award offers an opportunity to enlist in the SVA and work on projects as a cohort.

A fees rebate is offered for one of the following courses which can be taken in the first year of study. As a participant, we recommend you take all these papers or choose which best matches your interests and future aspirations.

  • CHCH101 – a unique course exclusive to UC that allows students the opportunity to get involved in the Christchurch community and learn how volunteering in the community can make a difference to those in the neighbourhood and your personal development.
  • PACE195: Professional and Community Engagement - Theory and Practice – the course is designed to develop an awareness of how studies are engaged with professional and community entities locally and internationally.
  • MGMT208: Principles of Leadership – this course explores the foundations of personal leadership with particular attention to the emerging disciplines of positive psychology and positive leadership. MGMT100 will need to be taken in Semester 1 to take this course.

This package complements UC’s Graduate Attributes, making graduates from UC prepared for employment in the global market.