UC Rescue Team - Emergency Management - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Capability - UC Rescue

UC Rescue draws upon the wider academic expertise and specialist resources unique to the university environment to create a highly capable emergency response capability.

UC Rescue is working to integrate the vast expertise and resources at the University including structural and geotechnical engineering, doctors, search robot technology, thermal imagery, ground penetrating radar, unmanned aerial vehicles, RF detection systems, and lots more.

UC Rescue also provides a platform for rescue related research and innovation projects. It works to add value to the student study experience at the University of Canterbury and acts as a test bed for faculty to develop new related technologies through postgraduate projects. We welcome research requests from public safety agencies as well, as we can often connect such enquiries with the right academic department.

UC Rescue has been an operational emergency response resource since 1975. UC Rescue: A pictorial history is available for download (pdf, 82MB).



  • Emergency event on campus
    Extn: 6111 (campus landline)
    Direct Dial:  0800 823 637 or 364 2111
  • Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance)
    Dial: 111 (from any phone)
  • UC Security (non emergency)
    Extn: 6888 (campus landline)
    Direct dial: 364 2888
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