Emergency response levels explained - Emergency Management - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Alert levels explained

Current Level – Caution

Durning the 2010 – 2011 earthquakes, the campus suffered some building damage which is now
being repaired as part of a substantial remediation programme. During this time building activity
and the consequent activity involving vehicles and restricted access requires a higher than normal
level of awareness around the campus.

Level 1

Full activation of the UC Emergency Response Organisation
High impact event
Life and/or property at risk
Large area affected (city/province)
Business interruption longer term (longer than one day)


  • Severe weather event
  • Major earthquake
  • Violent event
  • Active shooter on campus
  • Major fire
  • Pandemic

Level 2

Partial activation of the UC Emergency Response Organisation
Medium impact event
Life and/or property at risk
Campus only affected
Some outside services involved
Some disruption to normal UC operations
Medium term (within one day)


  • Marginal weather event predicted
  • Minor/medium earthquake
  • Off campus incident (Field Stations)
  • Off campus accident involving UC staff or students
  • Hazardous substance alert
  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Bomb threat
  • Planned protest event of large scale
  • Pandemic pre-notification

Level 3

Normal day-to-day operations (on-going monitoring)
Small impact incidents
Part of campus only affected
Short term (less than five hours)


  • Minor accidents/incidents on campus
  • Traffic disruptions
  • Infrastructure failure
  • Emergency event on campus
    Extn: 6111 (campus landline)
    Direct Dial:  0800 823 637 or 364 2111
  • Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance)
    Dial: 111 (from any phone)
  • UC Security (non emergency)
    Extn: 6888 (campus landline)
    Direct dial: 364 2888
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