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ProfessorAnn Richardson

Waimairi 201
Internal Phone: 93520


Research Interests

Cancer Epidemiology

Research/Scholarly/Creative Works

  • Bagshaw P., Bagshaw S., Frampton C., Gauld R., Green T., Harris C., Hornblow A., Hudson B., Raymont A. and Richardson A. (2017) Pilot study of methods for assessing unmet secondary health care need in New Zealand.. New Zealand Medical Journal 130(1452)
  • Swinburn B., Vandevijvere S., Woodward A., Hornblow A., Richardson A., Burlingame B., Borman B., Taylor B., Breier B. and Arroll B. (2017) Proposed new industry code on unhealthy food marketing to children and young people: will it make a difference? New Zealand Medical Journal 130(1450): 94-101.
  • Alla S., Pearson JF., Taylor BV., Miller DH., Clarke G., Richardson A., Willoughby E., Abernethy DA., Sabel CE. and Mason DF. (2016) Disability profile of multiple sclerosis in New Zealand. Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 28: 97-101.
  • Alla S., Pearson JF., Taylor BV., Roxburgh R., Clarke G., Miller DH., Richardson A., Abernethy DA., Willoughby E. and Sabel CE. (2016) An investigation of the relationship between latitude and multiple sclerosis severity in New Zealand. Multiple Sclerosis 22(5): 705-707.
  • Chesang J., Richardson AK., Potter J., Sneyd MJ. and Coope P. (2016) Prevalence of contraceptive use in New Zealand women. New Zealand Medical Journal 129