Health Sciences and Sports Coaching contacts

Health Sciences and Sport Coaching and Physical Education

College of Education,
Health and Human Development
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800, Christchurch
New Zealand


Head of School 

Michael Robb

Head of School
Waimairi 204
Internal Phone: 94107

Deputy Heads of School

Philip Schluter

Leader of the Child Population Health Theme
Otakaro 107
Internal Phone: 93523

Dr Chris North

Senior Lecturer
Deputy Head of School
Recreation Centre 136
Internal Phone: 93436

Administrative Staff

Sandrine Main

School Administrator
On Leave until October 2018
Waimairi Rm 205
Internal Phone: 93506

Sharon Chapman-Stead

School Administrator
Recreation Centre 142
Internal Phone: 93434

Maddy Glen

Waimairi 205
Internal Phone: 93507

Health Science academics

Annabel Ahuriri-Driscoll

Waimairi 216
Internal Phone: 93516

Cathy Andrew

Director of Nursing in conjunction with Ara

Dr Shanee Barraclough

Programme Coordinator - Counselling
Waimairi 217
Internal Phone: 93532

Dr Arindam Basu

Senior Lecturer
Waimairi 225
Internal Phone: 93509

Associate Professor Eileen Britt

Associate Professor
Psychology 515
Internal Phone: 93694

Tracy Clelland

Otakaro Rm 105
Internal Phone: 93437

Karyn France

Associate Professor
Waimairi 208
Internal Phone: 93990

Aleksandra Gosteva

Senior Tutor
Waimairi 122
Internal Phone: 93625

Dr Thomas Harding

Senior Lecturer
Waimairi 224
Internal Phone: 93664

Raesha Ismail

Senior Tutor
Otakaro Rm 103
Internal Phone: 93446

Dr Isabel Jamieson

Senior Lecturer
Internal Phone: 93866

Raymond Kirk

Waimairi 226
Internal Phone: 93702

Josje Lelijveld

Senior Tutor
Internal Phone: 92147
Mobile: +64274272702

Kathleen Liberty

Associate Professor
Waimairi 202
Internal Phone: 93982

Doctor Sarah Lovell

Senior Lecturer
Waimairi 227
Internal Phone: 93576

Sonja Macfarlane

Research Fellow
Waimairi 218
Internal Phone: 95110

Dr Anne-Marie McIlroy

Lecturer - Teaching and Administration
Internal Phone: 94966

Dr Laurie McLay

Senior Lecturer
Programme Coordinator - Specialist Teaching
Waimairi 121
Internal Phone: 93522

Judi Miller

Clinical Educator
Waimairi 215
Internal Phone: 93525

Denise Powell

Senior Lecturer
Internal Phone: 95958

Kate Reid

Senior Lecturer
Palliative Care Programme Coordinator
Waimairi 222
Internal Phone: 93575

Ann Richardson

Waimairi 201
Internal Phone: 93520

Dr Michael Steele

Senior Lecturer Above the Bar
Internal Phone: 92935

Dr Cara Swit

Senior Lecturer
Waimairi 120
Internal Phone: 94408

Michael Tarren-Sweeney

Waimairi 206
Internal Phone: 93524

Dr Christoph Teschers

Wheki 212
Internal Phone: 94647

Dr Lois Tonkin

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Learning & Behaviour
Waimairi 223
Internal Phone: 95815

Dr Mark Wallace-Bell

Motivating Behaviour Change Programme Coordinator
Waimairi 119
Internal Phone: 93730

Sport Coaching and Physical Education academics

Gavin Blackwell

Sport Science Technician
Kirkwood Village KB02
Internal Phone: 93435

Phillip Borell

Lecturer in Te Maori and Maori Performing Arts
Te Ao Marama 162
Internal Phone: 95957

Dr Jenny Clarke

Senior Lecturer
Recreation Centre 137
Internal Phone: 93448

Jackie Cowan

Kirkwood Village KB01
Internal Phone: 93445

Ian Culpan

Recreation Centre 138
Internal Phone: 93447

Nick Draper

Recreation Centre 139
Internal Phone: 93878

Glenn Fyall

Kirkwood Village KB01
Internal Phone: 93443

Richard Light

Recreation Centre 140
Internal Phone: 93442

Mrs Catherine Lizamore

Senior Tutor
Kirkwood Village KB02
Internal Phone: 93440

Mr Brad Miles

Sport Coaching Programme Coordinator
Kirkwood Village KB01
Internal Phone: 93441

Dr Carl Petersen

Senior Lecturer
Kirkwood Village KB02
Internal Phone: 93438

Mohammad Shah Razak

Tutor in Sport & PE
Kirkwood Village KB02

Tony Schmetzer

Kirkwood Village KB02
Internal Phone: 93450

Piet van Hasselt

Senior Tutor
Kirkwood Village KB02
Internal Phone: 93449

Sibi Boycott Walter

Tutor in Sport & PE
Kirkwood Village KB02
Internal Phone: 6506

Clinical Staff

Myriam Bejjani

Clinical Educator
5th Year Clinical Educator (Child & Family Psychology Programme)
Waimairi 109
Internal Phone: 93527

Suzanne Hall

Clinical Director
Director of the Dovedale Centre - Pukemanu
Waimairi 109
Internal Phone: 93521

Julie Densem

Clinical Educator at the Dovedale Centre - Pukemanu
Waimairi 104A
Internal Phone: 93688

Rebecca Lee

Clinical Educator in Child and Family Psychology
Internal Phone: 94667

Adjunct Staff