Science and Technology Education Research Lab

The College of Education, Health and Human Development Science and Technology Education Research Lab leads research and development on creative and innovative approaches to learning and teaching in science, mathematics and technology education. The group has strong links with professional organisations and contributes to growth of the teaching profession for more effective educational outcomes.

Our research interests are wide, as indicated by the member’s research profiles. We provide courses at post graduate level, link with key educational events, and create and have input into resources across New Zealand and internationally. We are also helping to develop a national science education centre in Christchurch.

We have many PhD and Masters students with a range of innovative and interesting topics.

Our achievements and projects include forward-thinking areas such as innovations in pedagogy, applications of e-learning to science and technology education, tertiary science teaching and teacher education.

We have strong ties with these international/national organizations in our field:

Science Learning hub development and research on teachers use of the materials

This was a four year project where we worked on contract with the University of Waikato and in association with the University of Auckland and the Royal Society to develop  learning contexts.
There is a huge amount of digital material related to each context and science story that is freely accessed by students and teachers around the world.

Science Postcards 
Development and research associated with the use of key concepts in science for primary students.


All events in Wheki 202 unless otherwise notified


  • Time: 1pm, 31st May 2016
    Venue: Wheki 203 
    Title: "Connection of geoscience undergraduate students with field places: implications for informed design of field education" 
    Presenter: Alison Jollie 
  • Time: 1pm, 20th June 2016
    Venue: Wheki 203 
    Title: "Teaching Science to Students with Disabilities: Insights from 3 Indonesian High Schools" 
    Presenter: Liana Aisyah 


  • Time: 12-1pm, 24th April 2015
    Venue: Wheki 202

    Title: "Students Intention to use Smartphones in University Education: A Comparative study of College of Engineering and College of Education, Health and Human Development"
    Presenter: Muzhar Syed


  • Friday 7th November
    Title: "How to engage and retain university STEM students: lessons from Michigan State University"
    Presenter: Visiting lecturer Ryan Sweeder
  • Friday 26th September
    Title: "Blended learning at UC: Initial data on institutional perspectives"
    Presenter: Dr Kathryn MacKinven (R & I)
  • Friday 29th August
    "Who gives a toss? using research data to improve student engagement in science"
    Presenter: David Paterson (HOF) Cashmere High School
  • Friday 1st August
    Presenter: Emma Puloka
    "Science education in Tonga: Relevant?" 
    Science education in Tonga: relevant?
  • Friday 13 June, 12-1pm, Wheki 202
    Forum on professional learning for teaching science and technology through ICT.
  • Friday 11 April, 12-1pm, Wheki 202
    "Use of mobile phones for learning" presented by Mazhar Syed Ahmed
  • Friday 14 March, 12-1pm, Wheki 202
    "Preliminary Analysis of Physics Teachers Survey Data" presented by Isaac Buaberg

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