Master of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (MCALL)

This new 180-point Master prepares language teachers to make optimal, research-informed use of technology in their classrooms, and paves the way for further development.

In just 12 months of fulltime study (part-time options are available) graduates can gain a level 9 Master degree at the University of Canterbury. MCALL students will learn about the history and current state of technology-enhanced language learning and teaching and critically evaluate the body of research that has investigated this important shift in the way we can learn, teach and use languages.

Students of this programme will learn about the design and implementation of technology-enhanced language learning materials and the critical use of tools in a variety of language learning settings, including international languages, ESOL, heritage and first language maintenance and development, and indigenous language revitalisation. They will understand the benefits and constraints of digital tools and materials for language learning, and will command a range of language learning activities, lessons, units and courses, including the appropriate use of technologies in a wide variety of educational settings from early childhood to tertiary, as well as in less formal contexts.

Postgraduate qualifications

Graduates of the programme will have the knowledge and skills they require to be able to judiciously introduce technology-enhanced learning of languages in a variety of educational settings from early childhood to tertiary. As education settings and the wider community gain unprecedented access to connectivity and technology, the challenge is the increased need for educators who are able to use the technology for learning. There is a demand from educators in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) in NZ and worldwide for knowledge about and skills in the use of technology.

Compulsory courses

EDEM 631 Foundations of Language Acquisition and Learning
EDEM 633 Foundations of Technology–Enhanced Language Learning
EDMM 632 Issues in Language Acquisition and Learning
EDMM 633 Issues in Technology–Enhanced Language Learning
EDEM 627 E-learning and Pedagogy: Effective Strategies for the Classroom

Optional Courses

You will select a 30-point level 8 or level 9 course from available courses in consultation with the programme coordinator. One option is a new summer course EDEM 681 Learning & Teaching Languages. This is a 30-credit 0.25 EFTS online Level 8 course, running from November 2014-February 2015.

Structure and duration

Students anywhere in the world can study this online programme either full time or part time through a variety of options. The most direct way through the program is:

Option 1 
July-June - 12 months (full time)

Option 2 
July-June – 24 months (part time)

Option 3 
February-February – 24 months (part time)

The programme is offered online, and students are not required to come to Christchurch or to NZ.  The courses generally require active participation in real-time classes. Some of the courses may also have campus occurances or occasional optional campus meetups and online students may in some cases participate in the campus meetings via e.g. Skype or Adobe Connect.

Please refer to our website for up to date fees information
An additional study levy and administration fee may apply.

Admission criteria

Every candidate for the Degree of Master of Computer-Assisted Language Learning shall have:

  1. either
    1. qualified for any appropriate degree in New Zealand and either:
      1. successfully completed a recognised teacher training course of not less than one year at a New Zealand College of Education, Health and Human Development or university;
      2. or acquired experience as a teacher in a recognised educational institution or setting;
      3. or acquired appropriate experience as an educator in a work-place or community setting;
      4. or completed a Qualifying Course; or
    2. ii. been admitted under the Regulations for admission ad eundem statum as entitled to enrol for the Degree of Master of Computer-Assisted Language Learning; and
  2. been approved as a candidate for the Degree by the Dean of Education.

1. The relevance and standard of undergraduate studies and any subsequent professional work experience are the main criteria of approval. Students will normally be expected to have at least a B average in their 300-level courses.

Enrolments for 2017 will open online in early October. 

Please refer to our website for further enrolment details:

Note: Transcripts may not be required for students who completed entry qualifications at the University of Canterbury or the Christchurch College of Education, Health and Human Development (from 2000 onwards).

You may be eligible to apply for a scholarship or fee waiver. The criteria and forms can be found on the College of Education, Health and Human Development website. Of particular interest to practising teachers are the Ministry of Education study awards.

More Information

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